Wednesday, February 24, 2010

80th Bday Pics

Here are the last of Nana's bday pics......

Her invitations turned out really cute-we were proud of them. A lady that we found on the internet designed them and we printed them at Sam's.

Family shot. We had really cute shirts made that had an old photo of Nana on the front and said, "Vintage 1930". The back had the word NANA in block letters with all of our names inside the letters and then said, "Eighty years of Excellence".

Nana cutting her cake. Oh, and btw, 80 is the new 65.

The Smart Bunch-Slade looks disgruntled. Finley was feeling puny that day, but pulled through.

The snack table. We had tortilla roll-ups, melt away cookies, nuts, pinwheels, baby quiche, and spinach dip.

Just doing some visiting.

The Womack boys

Nana and her sister

Finley gave in to a rare nap with Aunt Cindy. The lady on the right was my kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Jernigan. In the back you can see the slide show that was running during the party. Brandi made a cool show with some great old tunes.

Beeler Bunch-now Campbell looks disgruntled.

One of the collage photos I did at Walgreens. They all had a different colored border.

Our centerpieces turned out pretty cute. These are jars from Brandi's wedding. We filled them with jelly beans and a candle.

Here is a closer pic of the front of the Nana shirts.

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Tracy said...

I love all the little details! What a fun tribute to your Nana!