Sunday, February 7, 2010

Good/Bad News

So the bad news is that I dropped my camera two days before Nana's birthday party. My precious, much adored, Nikon D60 that I just paid off. It was hanging on a hook and I grabbed my black sweatshirt to throw in the washing machine, not realizing that the camera was hanging on top to it! It fell face down on the lens. I cried. I really felt sick. I always leave it hanging there because I use it practically every day. Upon careful inspection, the lens just had some cracked plastic pieces, but was otherwise fine. But the body of the camera, not so much. There was a kink/crack-whatever you want to call it when you looked through the window to take the picture. It still took clear pics, but it wasn't sounding right when it clicked to take the photo. I got about six pics out of it in Iraan till it bit the dust.......I was just sick. You know my camera is like a third arm to me. I love my camera. Sighhhhhhh.

Now the good news is that I contacted the Best Buy Protection Plan 1-800 number this past Monday. The woman on the other end told me the most wonderful news! For once in my life, I purchased a most useful plan. I had purchased an Accidental Plan!!!! I was deliriously happy. Ecstatic. I wanted to scream for joy. Thank you, Lord! She told me to write the plan number down and take it with the camera into Best Buy!

I went into Best Buy on Wednesday and two hours later after my children had beat the drums to the Wii Rock Band to death, I left with a gift card for the total amount I paid for my D60. They don't carry my camera anymore-go figure, I only purchased it 16 months ago, but now they are on to bigger and better and more improved cameras. I had the kids with me running all over the store, so I couldn't even look at the cameras that day. But I had the money in my hot little hands at least!!!

And yesterday, I purchased a Nikon D5000! I was very, very close in price to the D60, but better. It is awesome! It has a revolving screen that turns all directions and it even records videos!!! So cool. And I can still use my extra Nikon lens that I had purchased with my old camera. Today it was on sale for $50 less in the Best Buy circular and they price matched it for me, so I got that money back!!! FYI-Best Buy price matches for 30 days after your purchase!

And here's a pic of my new baby. My third arm. My new family member...........
I love you, new and improved Nikon D5000. You will be with me through all my children's future activities, sports, holidays, parties, and what not.

And guess what, I purchased the 4-Year Accidental Protection Plan-just in case I feel the urge to wash my black sweatshirt again.

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Jerilynn said...

all is well that ends well - congrats on the new camera