Monday, February 8, 2010

Nana's Cakes

Ok, so in the interest of people not wanting to look at 499 pictures, I've decided to split up the 80th birthday photos. I will do some each night. Plus, my photos load slowly because I have or had a really good camera that takes really good pics and have extraordinary photo taking skills and the photos take a little bit to load. So for my mental health, not having to load so many pics tonight, I give you the cake........Did I mention that I am soooo happy I had the Accidental Plan for my camera? And I don't really have extraordinary skills, but I try. Anywho, Nana had two cakes. And they were cute. And good. And cute.

This two stacker was straight before the "leaving Lubbock in the snow"ride. And yes, we didn't think we were going to get home that Friday because we were and still are having some darn cold weather. It was very snowy and very slick. They had even cancelled school in Lubbock the day we were supposed to leave. But once we hit Lamesa-boom-snow gone. No snow. Just cold air. It was really weird, actually. West Texas weather for you. We got the cakes and people and flowers and supplies here nonetheless.

And this is my absolute favorite cake. It actually might rate up there with my love for my wedding cake. We couldn't even cut into her photo we liked it so much. My uncle told her to freeze it like a wedding cake topper and we could eat it on her 81st birthday! I just love this photo of Nana. Wasn't she a dish! I think this might be her senior picture? She looks very "Allie Hamilton in the Notebook"-ish don't you think. Can't you just see her running around with Noah Calhoun or Amos Owens for that matter. People just don't look this regal anymore. They all looked so clean and fixed up and sassy. Like perhaps they cooked in a dress with a little apron and pearl earrings. I love it. Don't you sometimes wish you could have known your grandmother as a kid? I might have been jealous! I bet she looked like knock-out in a pair of fishnet stockings.


Tracy said...

Love, love these cakes!!

Anonymous said...

Your nana was (and is) beautiful! I know everyone calls her Jean but I always think of Babe and Olin calling her Nelda Jean - sounds so sweet and Southern. So, Nelda Jean, happy birthday and many more - and wow, what great cakes! Charlena