Thursday, May 21, 2009

One Crazy Week!

Wow, what a week of craziness around here! Isn't May the busiest month ever? I'm thinking it might beat out December at some point. Between the school programs, sports, births, birthday parties, surgeries, dr. appointments, graduations, and anything else you might think of, we are nearing the end of a whirlwind of a month. It has been fun, well most days anyway! We are off to Iraan for Memorial Day, but I wanted to highlight the week before I left town.Slade's Kinder Award Program Day-Wednesday morning. They looked super cute, though Finley looks disturbed in this pic. Perhaps she searching for her crush, Jackson, in Slade's classroom. We are getting the vibe that she hearts older men!
Finley's preschool program-Thursday night. She is fourth from the left. She sang "Where Has My Little Dog Gone" with all the correct movements. I got great video of this. She brought the little dog home from around her neck and said it was "a beautiful dog". I'm thinking American Idol 2021. Notice that I forgot my zoom lens that I bought specifically for situations such as this-bummer.

Slade and sweet Mrs. Hendrix-oh my, how we will miss you!!! You have made this a most wonderful year that Slade will never forget. I'm getting choked up thinking about it. We love you, Mrs. Hendrix. Thank you for loving my baby-blurts, rats, loose teeth and all! He loves school because of you. Special people like you make life memorable!

Just plain exhausted after having her adenoids removed. She resorted to falling asleep on the floor in her bedroom.

Asleep with wiki sticks and all. Who cleaned them up? Mom, of course. I gave her a break that day.

And well, I told you it was a busy week. I did it. I finally bit the bullet. I cried my eyes out.

I cried so much that it was hard to vacuum. I even put things away in a Rubbermaid bin to store in the attic.

The crib is MIA. No more. Nada. Put away. I feel sick about it. Funny story about this situation. Finley helped me do it by handing me the tools. She was super excited. Then when night came around, she was totally shocked that the crib was gone. "Who did it?" "Put my crib back up!" she sobbed (for thirty minutes). It was like a knife in my heart. I was having second thoughts, but we pulled through and each night has gotten a bit better. I still have hope that it was the right thing to do. Yes, you can leave me a note of encouragement if you feel so inclined to do so.

And my friend, Shauna, delivered #3 via csection today! So much excitement I tell you! Notice Nick's face. It's starting to sink in that something is about to happen!!!

Mr. Owen Neal Youngblood. 8lbs. 3oz. 21inches with the cutest chubby cheeks and fuzzy reddish brown hair.

He is super cute and squishy looking. I wanted to eat him up! I cannot wait to hold him next week when I get back. The tradition is for me to bring Shauna and myself the fruited chicken salad from United with little bread rounds to scoop the chicken up with. It's sooo yummy. I've done this after each baby!
I told you this was a fast and furious week. I also went to the eye doctor, Finley puked in Dr. Potocki's waiting room on Monday(this is a whole other blog in itself), had carpets cleaned, bought graduation and teacher gifts, and cooked some yummy recipes from scratch! Is it just me or is everyone ready to be poolside, beach chair and towel, a fruity drink with a pink umbrella in your hand, with the smell of Banana Boat SPF 30 lingering? Yeah, I thought so.


Anonymous said...

I truly love reading your blogs. I am so ready for this month to be over. Have a good long weekend.

Funky Finds said...

Finley's room is too cute! You should be a home decorator!!!

Anonymous said...

Ditto...about May! Craziness! BTW...I want some adult flavoring in my "fruity drink". And...I love it when you cook from scratch and your family won't eat it, you are a great neighbor!
Have a GREAT weekend,