Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day

This is a beautiful rainbow that came after an afternoon rain at the ranch. Hello Noah!

This is an attempt to pose all three grandkids for a photo in the awesome yellow daisies.

This is what Campbell did most of the time during the photo session. Kinda makes you want to humm "Life is a Highway......."

This is just a bit further away than the pic I posted yesterday-you can see the flowers went on forever.

This is what the ranch looks like when they've had some rain. It was soooo gorgeous!

This is Miss Priss posing on a rock during our little hike in the green "forest".

This is a pic of two gals playing in the dirt.

This is a green meadow that reminds me of where Edward and Bella went when he showed her his sparkling diamond skin. You didn't think I'd go a week without a Twilight comment, did you?

This is how I wished that the ranch always looked! I was intoxicating(I stole that word from Legends of the Fall-good word, right.)!

This is one of mom's pretty daffodils? Maybe, but then again, I'm not so good at flower names. But it looks like what a daffodil should look like in my head, ha!

This is just fun.

This is a grapevine leaf of a very, very old grapevine that my great grandmother planted in the yard at the ranch. She used to make grape jelly with the tiny grapes it grew. I wish I had some of her canned pickles!

This is Campbell wondering if she is truly enjoying this swing.

This is the Beeler bunch.

This is a purple bloom from a very spiky looking plant growing in Edward and Bella's meadow, oh I mean the ranch meadow.

This is a bag of huge grubs that dad found in a bag of potting soil. No, the grubs did not help the plants. Grubs are bad. Have you ever seen grubs that big? Me neither.

And this is a yellow cactus bloom. They remind me of the real "yellow rose of Texas". We have lots of cactus at the ranch. Have you ever had prickly pear jelly? Have you ever played Texas Bingo?Have you ever stepped in a manure pile? Have you ever swam in water tank with a windmill attached? Have you ever fed a baby goat from an old cola bottle? Have you ever caught a tadpole in the creek? Have you ever watched your dad cut the belly of a rattlesnake open? Then you must not be a ranch girl.


Jerilynn said...

Great Pics - Happy Summer to all your bunch.

Funky Finds said...

Your pictures are fantastic! What kind of camera do you have? Makes me miss that part of Texas quite a bit, especially since we are moving soon!!! What will I do outside of Texas??? :) I remember driving around in your maroon pick up singing Life Is A Highway! Good times.

Anonymous said...

loved the post and the pics. Granny would love the grape leaf story and dad loved the whole blog about the ranch. He actually pulled up a chair and read the whole thing. Couldn't brleive how green it is! Cita

Anonymous said...

Love the pics, but get that baby off the road!!!!!!!
Have fun

Anonymous said...

I read this the other day and have been meaning to tell you how much I like it. You took some amazing pictures that day. I want the one of Campbell running down the road. I also love the one of me, Shane, and Campbell from behind. Love, Love the one of Slade and Finley in the flowers. Love how you described everything.