Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Circus Continued.......

We enjoyed a night a few weeks ago at the Ringling Bros. Circus. It was my first time to go to an official or might I say legitimate circus. Unlike the small town ones where I'm almost positive some animal cruelty was involved. Scary bunch of folks they were. Anywhoo, this was AWESOME! I'm not sure who enjoyed it more.....Me or Me?!? We had great seats right in the middle. Thank you select-a-seat diagram. We saw lots of interesting things........................

Finley was really good, but had to walk up and down the aisle many times. She's two-to be expected I suppose.

This Finale-I should have posted it last. These guys are very talented-and limber.

The funny clown man (no one really had a red nose, so don't have a nightmare, Pam) who hilariously rode many bikes. The best was a tiny bike about the size of a cat-it was tiny, but he rode it.

Oh yes, and let's not forget the $10 cotton candy. I even brought it home to finish up and get our money's worth. Money's worth of cavities!!!

Gotta love the elephants. They sat on the little stools, too. Fancy bejeweled headpieces. Very blingyish.

Cool dude that walked all over this circle thing while it turned and did lots of dangerous things. I was nervous!

Always the wise guy! The nose even blinked. He's such a cute boy!

The Mary Lou Retton's of the circus!!! No cotton candy for them.

Super neat white tigers (I'm sure they have an official scientific name which I cannot recall at the moment).
It was really fun, so glad we went-but it wasn't cheap. They get ya with the snacks and toys. Smart folks those circus people.
And let me welcome baby Logan Wells who was just born tonight during this blog entry. I was just text-ted that he arrived tonight-late tonight. Mom has been there since last night, so he will always owe her big time!!!! Bless her heart! 6.4 and 20.5 inches. Congrats. I bet mommy is exhausted!!! God is Good!!!


Crystal said...

Sounds like fun, and what great pictures.

Amanda said...

It looks like you all had a great time. The pics were great.