Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Exciting News.....

I have the most exciting news to share with you! I still cannot believe it myself!

Can you believe this pic I found of..........Oh, wait a minute! I got sidetracked. I wasn't talking about Twilight. Silly me!!! We have some wonderful family news to report. Are you curious? What could it be? Sorry, no I'm NOT having a baby, but it does involve diapers or at least the disappearance of them in our household! Yes, my girl is on to bigger and better things-she decided (or might possibly have been forced) to loose the size 4 Huggies Supremes!!! Yay!

Officially as of Tuesday, I have a cute pantie wearing girl! She has dug in her heels the whole way, but finally gave in when we had her stay two days with her favorite sitter. Aurora works for Kyle and is a family friend of ours-she loves our children. She has lots of experience with potty training since she had 17 brothers and sisters (literally) and five kids of her own. And you know, none of them wear a diaper, so she must have done a good job! I had officially locked horns with Finley on this matter and was getting nowhere. I had spat, yelled, screamed, cried, sweated, bribed, etc. with Finley to get her to use the potty and it has become a matter of will. STRONG WILL, I might add. So Aurora came in on Monday like a bright ray of sunshine, I left the house, and she worked her magic. By Monday night, my child was using the bathroom, flushing, and telling Brandi that she "hated diapers" and they "stick to your hiney". Who is this child and what did you do with Finley? Did Aurora tie her to a tree and threaten to burn her at the stake? Did she drive bamboo shoots up her nails? Well, she's not damaged, their are are no marks, and my child is wearing Dora panties. I say it was a success or possibly a miracle. Am I a potty training failure as a mother? Maybe. I cannot take any of the credit. Actually, I felt bad at first, but my feelings have changed after the realization hit me that I don't have to buy diapers anymore. That's about $9 a week staying in my pocket-hot dog!!! Around these parts, Aurora has a new name. I like to call her the Potty Whisperer. Or maybe I'll just hang on to the mast of the Titanic and shout, "King of the World!" Size 2 Dora panties are in the house, peeps, and I've never in my life seen a more adorable hind end!!!

FYI-The comments and emails for the checkbook cover close tomorrow. I will draw a winner on Friday!!!


Amy Holifield said...

please please please send the potty whisperer to my house!!! What was her trick?!

The Stanford Family said...

Potty Whisperer! That is great! That could be a book title you know!!!!

I am proud of Finley!

Anonymous said...

Yeah to the little falafel!! I want the check book cover. But I want my name on it . Things are good. Sarah gets her nerve block next week. I was hoping the doctor could give me one too because a lot of things are getting on my nerves lately. Have a fabulous day!!!!!