Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just Pics, Ya'll

I just wanted to post some random cute pics tonight. They were just hodge podge and really are just too sweet not to mention. We have officially sprinted into fall and are busy as little bees. Don't you love fall!?! It is getting cool in the evenings here, leaves are starting to loose their summer green shine, football is in full-on mode, all kinds of holiday decorations are filling the shelves in stores. I love it!!! I feel the need to start buying pumpkin spice candles and digging out my good jeans, for goodness sakes!

These are my sweet kiddos after church one Sunday. I was shocked to learn that Finley will no longer be allowed in the nursery during services-she graduated to HEROS, which is "big kid" childcare now! I was very disturbed by this. Oh, yes and the potty training is coming along beautifully. She is trained. We are good to go!

This is Fin's birthday dress that Stephanie made her. She thought she needed to wear her western boots with it. After being at the Tech game last weekend and seeing the college gals wearing boots with tube top dresses, I believe Finley has a flare for what is in-style.

My boys stopped for a pose while on their way to the Monster Truck Show this summer.

Max is on hiatus from the Smart house. He is enjoying life in a second grade classroom for a couple of months with one of my good friends. We will get him back on the holidays for a visit. We miss him, but momma don't miss cleaning the cage! He is a very sweet guy, little long tailed devil.

Finley's first day of 3-yr-old preschool. She loves it. She is an excellent cutter.

Still trying to squeeze some swimming out of summer. My kids are absolute water babies. Finley is even swimming to us without a life jacket. Slade is a full blown fish. He is an excellent snorkeler. Slade is lovin' first grade. Doing lots of math he tells me. His teacher is a doll. We've started gymnastics, music, soccer. I feel like a taxi most days and can't seem to get everything done. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Did I mention that I'm head over heels for these two Smarties!?!

And this might be one of the cutest skirts I've ever laid eyes upon!

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Finding Favor said...

I am back. Had to take a break and I just started a new blog while at it. I have missed reading your blogs too.