Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Excuse me. Could someone tell me when September snuck in? Seriously, wasn't it Memorial Day like a week ago? I'm going to wake up and be 80 years old. Nobody ever told me that life is a sprint after you graduate from college-and I'm talking Olympic speed! And when did Slade start to say "aggressive" and "ballistic" in sentences? I'm just a child in the body of a 31-year-old. Don't you all feel like that or am I just plain weird? And remind me again when I turned thirty? That was two weeks ago I think.'s like driving through the small town where I grew up. If you blink, you'll miss it!
And as for the cherry pic-don't they just look deliciously sublime!!!


Jerilynn said...

Hey - you can't add any of the New Moon countdown clocks to your side bar because they are all too wide. I had to put it at the top - if you would rather it be less obvious...move it to the bottom. Ü

Will said...

Girl, I am with you! I don't feel my age (29 next week) at all! My kids get bigger and bigger and I feel like life is just flying by! It's crazy! :)


Jerilynn said...

Hey - I kep forgetting to tell you that I am not bilingual.
I used this site:
Typed in my post and then copied the spanish version onto your blog. LOL

Jerilynn said...

kep...would be keep!

Jerilynn said...

I'm starting to feel like a stalker...LOL
Ok - I just went and translated the post and it was a hoot! I used that exact site to translate the english to should see what it says when it is reversed. You still have to figure out what I meant. LOL
I am cracking up at this part "the phase of Dora"