Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Scrapbooking 101

My best friend, Shauna, and I are longtime scrapbooking buddies. We don't get to see each other often-she lives in Brownfield, teaches school in Wellman, has been blessed with the the jr.high cheerleaders along with being in charge of the concession stand, has three kids, and until a few weeks ago was producing large amounts of breast milk. Are you seeing why we are mainly phone friends these days??? Anyways, we did manage to sneak a day together before school started to wrap ourselves in creativity. Her husband was gone on his annual Colorado fishing trip and I packed my scrapbook goodies, my two blonde kids, and a red suitcase and we drove to Brownfield to spend the night. If you have never experienced scrapbooking with four kids, one baby, and a newborn chihuahua, you are missing out!!!

This is our scrapbooking set up in the middle of the living room. I personally like to "borrow" her neat supplies and such. Why is it always more fun to see what everyone else has? We do some scrapping, change diapers, eat pizza, watch good DVR'd movies, referee fighting children, feed animals, clean up spills, eat desert, etc.

And these are the snuggle bunnies. No, they were just "pretending" to go to bed. Sleep comes few and far between during these little get-togethers.

Child #1-you purchase an awesome changing table stocked with the latest diapering supplies, new minky changing pad cover, and matching baskets. You actually use the pathetic wipes that the hospital sends home that you have to wet with warm water because you aren't supposed to use Huggies wipes on their bottoms yet.
Child #2- the changing table comes out again but is not fully stocked because you only use it about 50% of the time. You mainly change the baby on the bed while trying to entertain your oldest child whose whining for mom's attention. You purchase the "sensitive" Huggies wipes this time because it's quicker that the hospital manual wetting wipes.
Child #3-who needs a changing table when you have a recliner, floor, back of the car, counter top, or couch. You realize the changing table makes a fantastic book shelf and toy bin which works perfectly because your third child is sharing a room with the second and you need to utilize the space. You throw away those hospital wipes because they are crap, and you bust out the Sam's wipes! $13 for a box that contains ten packages-hot dog!!!
This is the reality.

They don't always act this sweet in the backseat! These were the smiles before I took them to the park and the scalding hot slide left them with third degree burns. There should be a warning sign, really.

Finley, aka "Baby Hog", with baby Owen.

Keeping themselves busy. We don't know what goes on in the garage. What happens in the garage, stays in the garage. Poor cat.

And we took a trip to the Wellman Diner to meet the concession stand food rep people in the midst of our scrapping extravaganza. Does anyone know how many hotdogs people might eat at a six-man football game? We didn't know either.


Jerilynn said...

LOL! I started scrapping when it was just Creative Memories and Making Memories magazine. I bought the premier issue. Yes, I was guilty of the "sticker sneeze". I have to say - I don't miss all of those supplies or the changing table. Ü

Shauna said...

What a fun couple of days...we really should do it more often!

The Boyd Gang said...

So true, so true about the changing table! I wonder what happens when the 4th child comes along. I guess the oldest can start changing the diapers! LOL. I am doing digital scrapbooking....can't ever find the time for the real thing. I would love to see your scrapbooks sometime. I know they are awesome!

Crystal said...

Two babies + 1st time mom = automatically puts me in the third child catagory on the changing table. I usually change diapers in the middle of the livingroom floor because it's easier to haul two diapers and wipes rather than two babies. I do have a very nice changing table, it's stocked with books. You hit way to close to home. Very funny! Sounds like you had fun.

Anonymous said...

Very funny and so true--hope Ms.VP reads this one! MOM

Beth said...

Who's the first time mom-- IT'S ME!!! Minky changing pad: CHECK! Matching baskets: CHECK! Used the pads from the hospital that we had to wet every time so my sweet little boy's man-parts wouldn't fall off because that's what they make you think will happen: CHECK!!! Thanks for the laughs!