Wednesday, September 16, 2009

House Guest

Yes, there is definitely a story here. It's pretty good. Pretty funny. Oh, the love of a sister............

So picture this. Brandi, dressed in business attire, in Amarillo, Texas(she was supposed to be working), asking the employees of Spencer's Gifts where she might find a cut out of Edward Cullen. Rewind for just a moment. Unless you've been under a rock, Edward is the dreamy vampire from Twilight. I love the Twilight saga. I am having a Twilight birthday party. Judge me if you must. Brandi was bound and determined to find a life size Edward cut out for the party that we didn't have to pay $15 to ship. It takes alot to ship a six foot vampire, people. Now, back to Spencers in Amarillo. So they tell her to check out a music store in the mall. She heads to the mall(still supposed to be working) and holy hogwarts, there he stands. With a his mysterious pale faced beauty. She pays and asks for a big sack. "We don't have sacks that big!" So she pics Ed up, places him under her arm(see above photo), and heads through the Amarillo mall. With her head down. In her heels. With a cardboard vampire in tow. I think my sister loves me. Or she wants something? I wonder if she left him in the front seat of her car, would it deter a car thief? Perhaps. If they knew anything about Twilight, they would realize Edward can read minds and he would already know they were going to steal the car.

And this is my reaction to the vampire sighting. (Why, mother, didn't ya'll have my tonsils removed? I do have good teeth, though.) I couldn't stop smiling. He was very tall. Brandi hid it in Slade's room and he died laughing when he saw Edward at his computer desk.

And this is my "serious" face, plus Jerilynn thought I looked really thin here, which is always a plus. BTW, do ya'll like my new haircut. I had a good hair day yesterday. I'm pretty sure Edward looks best in dark blue. And I will have you know, suffice it to say, I am NOT as white as a vampire. I will try to remember this the next time I'm at the pool. I am officially darker than the Cullen family. Do you think he's reading my mind in this picture???

And the girls didn't care about the cardboard vampire in the kitchen. They just looked at him and continued on their merrily little way. He does stun you when you walk into the room and see him. For a fraction of a second, you think to yourself, "who's here?" And I got Kyle really good when he got home last night. He turned on the light in our bedroom and it scared the beegeezee's out of him. He was mad at me for a few minutes. I needed an asthma inhaler to catch my breath from laughing so hard! My kids are now used to Edward being around. He's just here, looking good in his dark blue shirt, waiting for my bday party.

Slade is excited that Edward holds several degrees in biology. Slade has always been very scientific-minded. Or he is just acting as crazy as his mother acts about Twilight. It's all in good fun. Gotta have some fun in this life. My friend told me I needed Twilighter's anonymous. I think she's right! Afterall, I do have a six foot, cardboard, very serious looking vampire in my house.

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