Sunday, June 14, 2009

So Far, So Good.......

The first few weeks of summer have rolled along quite nicely, hence my title. We are back from our trip-it was really fun! Pics to come sometime this week documenting our journey to the hill country. And before I begin, can I please just state one thing that is weighing heavily on my mind. There comes a time in every girl's life that she must admit certain things to herself. One of my self-admissions occurred to me during our trip. I hate waterparks. I hate to say it, but I'm just not a waterpark type of gal. Call me crazy. Everyone on earth loves waterparks. I hate them. If I never go to another waterpark again, I will be completely satisfied with the waterpark notches in my belt that I have acquired these 31 years. I decided this week-I do hate them. I see no need in standing in line for an hour to ride down a thirty second ride that splashes you in the face and pulls your bathing suit into your buns. I hate walking in a wet bathing suit and having to wear water shoes while walking on the moldy, squishy green turf type flooring. I hate seeing really large folks that have no business being in small bikinis(although this does make my self esteem rise a bit-I'm not so bad looking after all) or the occasional Speedo wearing European man showing his package that we really care not to see him flaunting in front of children. I hate having to go to a locker to find my sunblock, applying the sunblock(seeing that I am half albino and it is a must for me) every two hours and it burns when it runs into your eyes. I will do it again for my children's sake-but I don't have to like it. Call me a Grinch if you want but do let me clarify. I LOVE to swim. I LOVE a pool. I LOVE water aerobics. I freakin' LOVE to float on the river. Waterparks, not so much, but we'll discuss this anomaly in a future blog. Let's move on to the photos. So far, summer has brought about............................

Lot's of sand castle building, sand in your bum, and sand tracked into my house. But that's ok-sand is a summer tradition.

Some very yummy homemade chocolate ice cream. There should be a law against something this good. You must eat some at least four times this summer or you have not enjoyed summer to it's proper extent.

The purchase of a pink eyelet lace dress that I find ever so cute. I love it so much. So girlie and sweet.

This boy's last day of kindergarten. He is officially a first grader. I remember my first grade year with Ms. Shultz-we had a treasure chest and kept our paper money in little black film cases. Such fun!!!

A handpicked bunch of flowers brought to Nana by Finley. She actually stole them from Campbell, but took all the credit for them.

Lots and lots of Play dough. Mixed up dough, dried out dough, dough mashed into the cement. Gotta love it.

Some sneaky sand eating. Good source of fiber I hear.

And a brand spanking new fancy modern state of the art cage for Max. It rates a 10 on a rat habitat fanciness scale. And just so you know, we also came home with two new African Swimming Frogs from San Antonio. Always adding to the Smart menagerie!


Tracy said...

You don't like waterparks and I don't like homeade ice cream...Glad you are back and can't wait to see you sometime this week!

Kyle and Hollie said...

I miss seeing you guys and your precious kiddos! I hope you are all having a fun summer! It appears to be that way - btw, I love homemade ice cream!!! Tracy -you are missing out!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!

Anonymous said...

So glad you guys had fun and really glad you are back. Campbell was soooo happy to see you all tonight. I also think she was really happy to eat at your house. Especially the red, raw potatoes! We love her shirt from Sea World!Thanks so much. Can't wait until Campbell is old enough to float the river and we will go back with you!!
Love you!


Jerilynn said...

guess what...I hate water parks too! LOL the best thing is with each passing year, my kids are getting bigger and need me less to do the ride things.

Funky Finds said...

Girl, I HATE water parks. Actually any public watering hold is nasty in my opinion! Blech. Plus I won't wear shorts much less a swim suit!!!