Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dolphin Frenzy

I've decided to split up our vacation pics into different blog entries since there are so many. Plus I don't have time to sit and load all of them - I have things to do!!! Or need to be done! Let's begin with Slade's favorite part of Sea World. The dolphin feeding. It was cool, neat, spectacular-all those words that might describe the awesomeness of actually getting to feed a real dolphin!

You buy little plates of fish and they come up to you and you drop the little fish in their mouths.

Their skin is so soft and slick. They are magnificent creatures. The little teeth are neat, too.

Here's one of him in action. Of course, Finley was scared and whined the whole time! Then she was mad that she didn't get to feed one-go figure.

I like to call him.........................Flipper. Very original, huh.

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