Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Not Me Monday

I decided it would be fun to try the Not Me Monday from MCKMAMA's blog. Here we go.......

I most certainly did not let my kids jump into the swimming pool so that I didn't have to wash off their chocolate fudge pops remnants and muddy feet. I'm not that lazy.

When I had something in my contact I surely didn't put in in my mouth for some moisture and then place it back into my eye. That is just plain gross.

After deciding to swim last minute, Slade ran to the house and brought back my swimsuit and I changed in the little pool closet in the neighbors backyard, folding my clothes into a bundle to take home. I absolutely did not loose my bra somewhere on the way home and still haven't accounted for it tonight. I'm sure it wasn't sprawled out on the lawn somewhere, not my bra?

I really do not have a child that fell down running on the sidewalk and passed out (because she holds her breath), hitting her head on the concrete. That would not be a child of mine.

Tonight while I should have been paying bills or sleeping, you would not have found me checking a website that had 23 pictures of Robert Pattinson aka Edward Cullen in NYC filming a new movie and then sending the pics to everyone that loves him and putting "hot" in the message on the email. Only teenagers do that type of thing, not a mom.

And surely I didn't throw away Slade's Oreo Cookie Pop Tarts that were in the pantry because they look so disgusting and unhealthy and then play dumb when he was searching for them and asking what happened to them.


The Boyd Gang said...

I love not me Mondays! Here is my favorite from last week. I most certaintly did not nurse Emma Claire while waiting in the Walgreen's Pharmacy drive thru line, not me!

The Stanford Family said...

you are great!!!!

Jerilynn said...

very cute....the bra thing was hysterical!!!!!! I hope you don't find it thumbtacked to a telephone pole. LOL