Thursday, June 25, 2009

My How Time Flies

I cannot believe I have not posted since Sunday! Where has the week gone? I'm at my parents house-the kids and myself came up on Wednesday and we spent the night in Iraan with Nana and hung out at my mom's work all day today. I helped her boss cut out a few things, ordered some gifts for Priss' bday, ate chalupas at Isabella's(no barfing from either of my kids-thumbs up!), and had a cherry lime from a little shop on the corner square. We got to the ranch and swam for probably two hours. Seeing that it is sooooo hot and my dad has some kind of black pipe/pump/water warming system invention, our swim felt more like a jacuzzi! My dad is similar to Doc Brown on Back to the Future minus the white hair and bug eyes. He is very inventive and could probably make a time machine out of a DeLorean if given proper tools, plus kill the Libyan terrorists with his own concealed handgun. You might think of it as MacGyver meets Dirty Harry meets Sheriff Pat Garrett. Let's just say that he would be a good man to have around if you found yourself in a realife situation of say... the movie Castaway.

So we have a weekend planned that involves alot of swimming, ice cream eating(yes, homemade), reading, lounging, chocolate chip binging, creek wading, jeep driving good times. I'm sure that I can think of a few stories to fill my blog with the next few days. How abouts I leave you with a teaser of my next blog story installment. This is a story I want to call "Trying to Mentally Blockout My Visit to the Urologist". It involves a my bladder and a not so ugly doctor. It was lots of fun, girls!

OH, and what about Michael Jackson? What the heck???

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