Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy Anniversary

to US!!!!!!! Eight years ago today, I married this handsome guy. Little did we know that day that in eight years, we would have two blonde kiddos, one with a third birthday coming soon, and an almost first grader! We've built a life together and I feel so lucky. I just wasn't aware on my wedding day that around the same time the lady was glamorously applying my makeup, in eight years I would be cleaning Slade's rat cage. Boy, there are lots of chapters in the book of life! But you cannot understand the book unless you read every chapter-and some chapters might involve your six year old and his rat!

We got a sitter tonight and went out to dinner and a movie. What a treat! I don't know the last time Kyle and I went to a movie together. He also broke the rules and brought me this sweet little bag home. Our night out was supposed to be our gift!!! I went ahead and accepted the gift-I didn't want to hurt his feelings or anything. I will just have to sacrifice and carry it.

And I got this too. Such a good husband. Happy Anniversary, Babe!!!


Jerilynn said...

Congrats on 8 great years together! This just really makes me feel OLD! I have circled the block on you and go ahead and tack on another 3 years for good get to almost 19. I feel officially ancient. I know what would make me feel better..a coach purse and wallet!

Tracy said...

Love, love love the Coach(s)! And it totally matched what your shirt last night. Kyle did good!

Glad you had fun!

The Stanford Family said...

Do we have the same anniversary?????

We have been together 7! Wow!

Congratulations on 8 and the purse!!!!