Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sea World Baby

Vacation continued..............................A scene that you do not see often! Me on a ride. Kiddie ride, but ride none the less. I'll have you know that I actually did get on a ride with Slade. I didn't like it, but I did it. I was still scared. I'm a Scardy-Cat! Sorry you can't see Slade, but he's there liking it.

The star of the park. The Big Kahuna. Shamu! It was a neat show. The kids were very worried that they needed lunch and this point, so it was hard for them to concentrate on this show-even a show that had killer whales.

Caught in mid-air. Cool pic! Cute show. It was really hot during this show and it was morning.

The best place in the park! As you can imagine, anything having to do with penguins involves ice. ICE! I love ice. You could even ignore the obnoxious fish smell-just the wonderful feeling of ICE around you was pure heaven! Heaven I tell you. I love ice.

The fogginess of this photo is due to the humidity which in turn means that it was HOT! I did sweat off lots of calories this trip. I'm certain that I would be skinny if I lived here because you simply just sweat. Lubbock folks are used to DRY air. Our hair does not know what to do about this wetness.

The kids have conned Kyle into buying something. They did this alot on the trip.

This was the first thing we looked at when we got to Sea World. Finley was scared. We were worried that this was going to be a lonnnnngggg day. But she came around. She also did alot of sweating. She would have to have a different hairdo if she lived here.

My boys. Real men wear pink.

Poisonous Dart Frogs. Need I say more?

Stingray. It was really neat. Very graceful. Very oceany.

I have no idea what this is, but it is an awesome fish. I wish I had this fish in a tank in my house.
Sea World was a hit. We had lots of fun. You'll loose weight when you go there, too. Gotta love that!

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Jerilynn said...

great pictures - Cutter loved feeding the dolphins too. He would enjoy it even more today since he has developed such a love for ocean creatures. Glad you all had fun!