Monday, June 8, 2009

San Antonio or Bust!

We've had a crazy weekend between keeping Campbell, my great aunt's surprise surgery, allergy-snot running-having to get medicine Campbell, the Air Show, Cita's errands, eight loads of laundry, and lots of swimming! Too much to mention except that we were dog tired by the time Sunday rolled around. Slade even had to sleep till 11:44 one morning just to catch up on his lost sleep. So to add to the craziness, we've decided to take our summer vacation to San Antonio at the spur of the moment, and I'm running around crazy trying to get things packed and ready to go tomorrow! The people whose house we get to stay at outside of San Antonio talked to Kyle last week and told him to decide when we were going. So when we actually got the calendar out and looked, it was either this week or a few days at the end of June. The other times to go either had someone at the house, or Kyle couldn't be gone from work, or a birthday, or a holiday, or gone to Devil's River. Basically it was now or wait until August. So here we are. We are leaving tomorrow and hopefully checking out Sea World, Schlitterbahn, the Zoo, and what ever else floats the Smart family boat! I'm excited but am loosing my mind trying to tie up loose ends. I will be without my computer for the remainder of the week-hope I can manage, yikes! In the spirit of summer trips, I'm leaving a few pics of our last visit to Sea World two summers ago. I want to compare the pics when we get back to see how much they've grown. It was August 2007-Slade was 4 and Finley had just turned 1!

Finley on the front porch of the ranch outside of Helotes.

Slade was very happy he got to buy food to feed the dolphins!!!

He loved the snakes and amphibians at the San Antonio Zoo.

Finley needed to take a rest on the curb at Sea World-those were the cutest little pink croc shoes ever!!!

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