Thursday, April 9, 2009

Never a Dull Day

I'm not sure I have told about our latest incident at the Smart house. Last Tuesday, Slade went to the doctor for his ingrown toenail and was put on antibiotics, hoping it will get better. About two hours later, he was outside jumping on the trampoline and injured the opposite foot. He crawled inside, crying, telling me his foot was hurt. It bruised on the top and was swollen. We put ice on it, kept it inclined, and gave him Motrin. We think he came down on in toes first, then fell forward, stretching the middle part of his foot. After a miserable night, I took him to the the urgent care clinic and they x-rayed it. Two hours later, she told us that it wasn't broken-just to walk on it. I was thinking, well good luck with him walking on it-he can't! Sooooo, the next day, he absolutely still could not walk on it. I was scared something else was wrong, plus we couldn't carry him everywhere and he had to get back to school.
I called the podiatrist on Thursday that is seeing him for the toenail and they said to bring him in. I still don't know why it didn't cross my mind to take him there in the first place-hindsight is 20/20. So they re-xray it and the doc finds that it's a "sprained joint". Evidently, it was out of joint for a moment and went back in. He wanted to make sure it heals back in the correct place, so we were sent to The Brace Place for a walking air cast, which we've worn for a week now. He can take it off just in time to play his soccer game this Saturday. And can I just say that when I went to pay for the cast, it of course, fell under the deductible, therefore I must meet the deductible before my insurance will pay for it. Basically, our insurance doesn't pay for jack unless the deductible is met, per person. I get infuriated with insurance. We pay out the nose each month for our family insurance and they can't even pick up a darn walking cast. Deductibles are just a weaselly way they get out of paying for things, in my opinion. So if you know anyone that needs an air cast, I will sell it to them at a reduced price!!!
He really has done well in the cast and the foot doesn't hurt him. I think it was a matter of the joint bothering him in the future if it didn't heal in the proper place, more than it bothering him now. We'll see. So for the last week, every night with soak the toenail in warm Epsom salt water and put medicine and a bandaid on it and the other foot is propped up and iced down. And every morning we deflate the air then put it back on and inflate new air before he leaves for school. I told him I was tired of his ailments-he's been very high maintenance lately, haha!!!

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Anonymous said...

He is taking after his father. I will never forget when he broke his toes and was in a cast. The things he did as a kid.
I am thinking about doing a give away or swap soon. I think that it will be fun. Happy Easter.