Tuesday, April 7, 2009


We convinced Cita to make her famous chocolate chips a few weekends ago while she was here. Finley sampled the batter!
We love your cookies, Cita!
I am sick.......again.......sinus infection, very stuffed up nose, terrible headache, stuffed up ears. Everyone is sick actually. Campbell went to the doc yesterday, Kyle is stuffed up and has the sore throat. But, knock on wood, Slade and Finley are squeaking by on Benadryl and Claritin. Cross your fingers. I'm sick of this horrible weather, which I'm convinced is why we are all sickly. The dust and cold wind is soooo annoying! Please stop, Wind!
I'm ready for everyone to be well and it to feel like spring! I'm ready to have to apply sunblock, wear my trusty capri's(my legs are very white), groom my heels and toenails for my flipflops, and SWIM! I hope capris don't go out of style anytime soon. They could already be out of style-I'm usually not up on the latest fashions, unfortunately. I'm going to wear them anyways. Kinda like Nana's peddle pushers or however you spell that. Nana has these "never going to be worn out" little pants she wears in the summer.
Oh, I cannot wait to swim. We are little fish in this family. We have a most wonderful neighbor about three doors down who allows the Smart bunch to swim to our hearts content-all summer long. I love these neighbors.
I want to go to a Rascal Flatts concert-they are singing on television right now. I cannot believe the wind is going be horrible on egg hunt day this Thursday-bummer! Well, yes, I can believe it. Two Easters ago, we had snow. Go figure. I feel as though I'm not making good use of my camcorder. There are so many funny things that Finley says-I must get them on video before she grows anymore. The rat is getting HUGE-he might be able to carry Finley off in a few short weeks.
What incapacitated human being scheduled a soccer game on Easter weekend. One that doesn't go out of town or visit his family on Easter, that's who! I'm am traumatized that ER went off the air. Very sad. I watched it in high school-I feel nostalgic about it. Those were some fun days, high school. You just worried about how you looked in your Girbaud jeans and what event the cute guy was going to be at? Smelling good cause you used your new Eternity perfume. Trying to pitifully smoke cigarettes while dangling your feet off the hill at Roadside Park. I wasn't always as boring as I am now, haha! Nana-if you are reading this, thinking bad of me about the cigarettes, may I remind you about the time you climbed into the "S" cave with your friends and ya'll had to leave a rope to find your way out. That was dangerous!
I have to get off the computer, pay some bills online, go get some groceries, and buy some Kleenex for my raw, runny nose. I think I'd rather be dangling my feet off of Roadside Park with a pack of Marlboro Lights.
Man, I hope my sweet baby girl in that top picture never dangles
her feet off of Roadside Park while smoking Marlboro Lights!?!
Yes, Random, Erratic Thoughts Tuesday. I've scraped one too many barf blankets.


Anonymous said...

My sweet sister,

You continue to amaze me. I haven't read the blog in a week or two. I have tears rolling down my cheeks at so many of your entries. Some are tears of sadness and others are tears of joy and delight. I have definately dangled my feet off the table at the roadside and smoked a cigarette. Oh, what days those were. Seemed like the biggest worry was what time Mom and Dad would make me be home at night. Didn't have to worry about money, bills, losing your job, etc. What days those were!! And we didn't even know it. I have retired the cigarettes long ago. But have to admit, that I still crave one every now and then when I'm having a beer or two. I LOVE your blogging. You have a real knack for writing. I want to tell you once again how much I appreciate you taking care of my baby girl. She loves her "Cici". Looking forward to our pedi appointment today!!!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I hope that the Smart family starts feeling better. Yes, I think that we would all love to go back to our High School days. Man, it would be nice not to worry about money, and just worrying that our parents would not find out what we were doing. Those were the days. Happy Easter

Tracy said...

Yes, girl. I loved me some Eternity back in the day!!

Anonymous said...

I know that there will be more pics to come. Just keep watching Flash Back Friday's. Oh, hope that you do not mind that I stole your idea.