Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Purely Distraught

At the beginning of May, I heard some not-so-happy news through the grapevine. And after a short search for the truth, my greatest fear was confirmed. For reasons I will never be able to understand, my favorite Pediatrician in the whole wide world decided he was going to move to SOUTH CAROLINA!!!!!! What the &*%$!!! I can tell you that I had to get off the phone when this news was told to me and bawled. Just bawled. Therefore, I have cried off and on about this for the past two months.

Dr. Stripling (aka Dr. Steve) is one of the sweetest, kindest men I've ever met in my life. He was there the day Slade was born, Finley was born, and Gunnar was born, and we have seen him for the last 8 1/2 years. His only son was born two months before Slade, so we've compared notes all these years. Our sons even played basketball against each other this past spring, which is where I saw Dr. Steve in Nikes for the first time ever! He always wears dress pants at work.

I've trusted him with the most precious things in my life. I just feel sick about him leaving and I know that no doctor can ever take his place. And some of you probably think I'm acting crazy about this, but I cannot tell you how patient this man was when I was a brand new, paranoid mother with a new infant that puked all the time. He made me feel confident and I had such a piece of mind knowing that he was caring for my baby. There's no way to count the questions I've asked this man and I do think he is one of the smartest, best doctors in Lubbock.

So today was Gunnar's 9 month well check and I had to say goodbye for the last time. His last day in the office is Friday. He hugged me and I had to suck it up and not cry in his presence. He predicted today that I would have a son that was 6ft. and one 6'3. So I'm going to hold him to it and see if he's right! And then my eyes got all teared up when I was walking to the elevator. And yes, I cried a bit in the car. And look at the picture-Gunnar's even crying about him leaving!

So here's to you, Dr. Steve! Thanks for all the years you gave us! You are irreplaceable! Excuse me now-I have a good ol' cry to go take care of..........


Amy Holifield said...

I know exactly how you feel. I've heard through the grape vine that our pediatrician is retiring. And we I say "our" I mean all of us, he was my doctor as well! I've cried lots about it. I've heard his son is taking over his practice, though, so at least my kids won't have to learn a new doc's name.

Anonymous said...

He will surely be missed!! We love us some Dr Steve!