Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Minor Mishap & A Recipe

Gunnar did not have a good morning. The following photo is pitiful. Gunnar had a run-in with a blow dryer. The blow dryer won. Don't be alarmed. He's alright. You are looking at his inner thigh.

I feel so bad. His first real injury. I was trying to get ready this morning. I have a system. I sit on my bed, putting a big pillow on my knees, then putting a flat frame on top of the photo, and then my mirror so I can see what I'm doing. I do this so I can put on my makeup & blow dry/round brush my hair. I do this because 1.)my back always hurt when I was pregnant, so I like to sit down 2.)it's boring blow drying my hair in the bathroom and 3.)Gunnar screams if he's not sitting there beside me with toys. So the whole time I was working on my hair he was grabbing the mirror, my brush, the pillow, and climbing all over me trying to get on my lap. So I turned the blow dryer off and put it down to the side of my lap and I picked him up and sat him on me and you know the rest. He scream-cried and I knew something was wrong. I instantly thought my gosh-that must have burned him! I ran to the sink and put his leg and foot under the water, but I couldn't tell where it was burned. About twenty minutes later, the beauty in the pic appeared! UUUHHHGGGG! I feel terrible. Poor baby! I put some aloe vera on it. And he was mad but considering it was a burn, he did exceptionally well. He didn't really fuss any more about it. And you know how horrible a burn feels. I was thinking he's pretty tough! He hasn't complained about it any more really (complained as in, not fussing).

So there you have it. Bad morning. First injury. Sad Momma. Poor Dude. On the bright side, he's holding his bottle sometimes! Yay!!!

On another, brighter note, I made some delicious tilapia tacos tonight! So good and low calorie. I've been trying to incorporate more fish into my diet. These, I could eat at least three times per week. I will post the recipes at the bottom-you really should try them. Slade ate the meat and asked if it was chicken.

And I made some mango pico to go on the side. It was really yummy too. I think it could go with any fish, chicken, or chips, or I could just eat it plain.

Angela came over to eat with me and we finished off the whole bowl. Zero weight watchers points, btw!

And last but not least......You guess-which plate was Slade's and which was Finley's??? Gotta love boys that eat you out of house & home! And I have two of them now! Yikes! Here are the recipes.....

Tilapia Fish Tacos

2 tilapia fillets (I used fresh from the deli bc they were on sale)
season salt
chili powder
lemon or lime juice
olive oil
1 1/2 cups cole slaw (I bought broccoli-slaw and it was great)
corn tortillas (I wet these with water, wrapped them in a paper towel, and warmed them as opposed to dipping them in grease. It worked fine)

In your skillet, pour a little olive oil and squeeze some lemon or lime juice in and let it heat up. Rub your fillets with the cumin, season salt, and chili powder-however much you want to season it. Cut the fillet into chunks and pour into the skillet. Cook till fish looks flaky-this won't take long. Fill your tacos! I bet you love them!!!

Sauce for top of tacos
1/2 cup light sour cream
1/2 cup fat free or low fat Greek yogurt
1 to 3 tbls of chipolte sauce from a can of adobo chilies
cumin-a few shakes

Mix all this together. Put as much chipotle sauce according to how hot you want it. This is so good!!! This made about 4-5 tacos, depending on how much fish you put in each. Sorry I don't have exact measurements, but I made these up, taking bits and pieces from different recipes that I liked.

Mango Pico
1 tomato
1 mango
1/8 of a purple onion
1/4 of a seeded jalapeno
2 tbls cilantro
lime juice
Dice it all up and squeeze in some lime. This made a cereal bowl full of pico. I think it's better eaten immediately-it seems to get soggy if you store it. Enjoy!


Funky Finds said...

Poor baby boy! Ouchie. Sounds like you need to set up a small vanity table! I am old school & like to sit down at the make mirror & have to sit to dry my hair too. Carve you out a small corner of your room to set your stuff up & leave it! The recipes sound yummy, too!!!

Chey-Anne Smart said...

I know jess! I need a vanity. Do u remember the one I had in college w that antique furniture? I wish I still had it but unfortunately there's not a space untouched to put one in our room bc I'm sharing it w Gunnar for now! If I ever get to build a bathroom, I'm going to make a spot under the counter that is cut out where a chair can go & make it my vanity!