Thursday, July 14, 2011

Birthday Part #2

Pre-Party photo opt with the fam!

Hudson, Shana, & G

Fruit Kabobs!

I dipped marshmallows in white chocolate and crystal sprinkles and stuck lollipop sticks in them. I just found this cake plate at Kirklands-you can change the ribbon out. I love that!

This is one of my favorite birthday cakes ever! It was perfect. I painted the F and put it on top. I was so good, too!

Ang and baby G!

I made this tree and was really proud of it. I spent 99 cents on the paper stuffing stuff and bought a can of spray paint for the branches. Everything else I recycled or already had in my art stash, so it bascially cost me under 2 bucks to make!

I have saved Scrabble letters from an old game. I looked cute on the flower pot I thought.

On the branches, I hot glued horses, stars, and horseshoes that I printed out from my friend Beth's Cricut, old rhinestones, pink rhinestones from last year's party, Scrabble tiles that I stuck "5" stickers on, and tied different colored ribbons to the branches.

I found 87 cent bandanas at Hobby Lobby. And these frames were $5. The pretzels I dipped in chocolate and Finley sprinkled them with the little ball spinkles.

This was an old garage sale cowboy hat that I sprayed with the paint from the tree and then I glued a ribbon around the brim.

And I made three banners from scrapbook paper and tied them together with ribbon.

They said Happy, Birthday, and 5Finley5

And then I got a rope ribbon and painted some mini clothes pins. I dug out old and new photos of Finley and hung them in two places in the house.

We all loved looking at her baby pics-Gunnar looks a whole lot like her in baby pics!

Brandi & Camille

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Mandi Watts said...

Wow! You are my birthday party hero! Looks like so much fun!