Sunday, July 17, 2011

Birthday Lunch

The party continued for Finley this week. She actually turned five on Wednesday and we took her to where else, On the Border, for lunch. Brandi picked her up from VBS and met us there. I brought some cupcakes and we had a nice little lunch with the bday girl. Pics are from my iphone so they aren't great.

Her apron that we gave her for her bday. She always wants to help in the kitchen.

Random pic of Finley pointing to a puddle-it rained for about ten minutes at Kyle's shop last week and we just sat outside and smelled the rain. Then we drove home and it was bone dry.

Birthday Girl eating tortillas and cheese.

P.S. Finley really really had fun at Vacation Bible School this week. She loved to sing all the songs they learned!

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