Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cowgirl Birthday Part 1

We celebrated Finley's 5th Birthday yesterday in the backyard. My cowgirl is really turning five, even though I think I just brought her home from the hospital about a month ago. We were going to do an ice cream party, but since she wants to either be a singer or a cowgirl, she made a change on her party request a few weeks ago. Cowgirl it was!

We had different games. Here are the stick horse races. This was funny because the kids didn't really know how to "race" each other. They kept waiting for each other so they could run together. Evidently kids don't do races at school anymore!

We played "Pin the star on Jesse".

We had an art table with western/cowgirl coloring sheets.

Some kids played in Finley's teepee.

Finley loves to color-she is quite the artist!

We also did "panning for gold".

Kennedi manned this station handed out the gold coins. The kids traded their "gold nuggets" for gold coins.

Aunt B manned the goodie bag decorating station. The kids decorated their bags with western stamps and stickers.
This chick was too cute with her shades! Sweet Hana!

We even had babies come to help celebrate-Baby Camille even snuck in a few zzzz's!

After all the games, they sat down for a picnic of hot dogs, chips, and fruit kabobs!

My sweet cowgirl. All the kids got a handkerchief when they arrived. Finley wore hers till it was dark! I guess it made her feel really cowgirlish. I ordered her cute cowgirl dress off of etsy-it had brown fringe on the bottom-so cute!

We also had a horse pinata. Or "binada" as Campbell called it the whole weekend.

Finley using the pink bat on the pinata. She got really mad and cried when Kyle pulled the horse up while she was trying to hit it. She has no patience for that kind of horseplay.

Smart Fam. And just for the record, I looked like a moonface in all the pics because I didn't get to fix my hair because I ran out of time and was sweating so bad. I resorted to a ponytail and I hated the pics of me all day. Bahumbug.

And the candles begin blown out!

And gifts, gifts, and more gifts. We are going to wait and give her our gifts on Wednesday, which is her actual birthday. More pics tomorrow!

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