Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Can and Cannot

I just got back from four days in Ruidoso at Ramma's cabins. There are a few things I can tell you. And some things I cannot.......

I can tell you that this water felt glorious and it was about 60 degrees every morning when I walked out of the cabin.
I cannot tell you that I missed the drought, heat, 100+temps, dead grass, wilted plants one little bit.

I can tell you that this girl learned to hula-hoop and is now a hula-hooping fool!
I cannot tell you why this girl picked the winning horse 4 out of 5 races and now can be classified as a child gambler.
But I can tell you that it might be a good idea to sneak her into your suitcase if you ever go to Vegas.

I can tell you that this bunch went on an extra long hike. So long that I got worried that a bear ate them.
I cannot tell you why I had a run in during a jigsaw puzzle putting together session with my niece (who's in purple in this photo) because she was hoarding the last puzzle piece.
I might or might not have pinned her to the ground and pried the last piece out of her hand?!?

I can tell you that next time we go to the races, we will listen to Finley.
I cannot tell you that I was ever as small as this jockey.

I can tell you that Slade was easy to spot while wearing his VBS tie-dyed shirt.
I cannot tell you whether or not he hit the deer (not pictured) he was looking at with his sling shot from the Thunderbird.

I can tell you that this kid will wake up every two hours at night, screaming for a bottle, so that his parents feel like zombies during the day while on vacation at the cabins.
I cannot tell you the number of rocks or river water he might have consumed while on this trip.

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