Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gunnar's First Bite!

When Gunnar turned about 4 1/2 months, I decided we would try a little rice cereal. I really wasn't too much in a hurry to start it, but every one said he would sleep better. And we need all the help we can get in that area.
Getting ready for some cereal.

Tried the cereal.

Hated the cereal.

G is just not much of a fan of rice cereal. And we have tried it several times. And if you try to trick him and put it in his bottle, he gets furious. G + rice cereal = yuck! The next time he sees brown rice, it better be in a chicken & rice casserole!!!

I had lots of help with the first feeding. Slade was around here somewhere, too.

At least he likes the bib.

Gosh, he's sure sweet.

He would rather just play with the spoon or the ivy behind him. He ripped a leaf off the ivy today!

Aunt B came over and helped feed G one night. Basically, anyone who walks in my house has to help by A.) holding Gunnar and letting me cook or B.) holding Gunnar and letting me fold clothes or C.) holding Gunnar and letting me go to the restroom or well, you get the picture. Don't come by if you don't want to hold a baby.

After the rice cereal debacle, we quickly moved on to pears and then to sweet potatoes. He thinks those are acceptable. G just really likes his milk and that is really fine. I'm sure he'll be eating me out of house and home soon enough. So far, it's pears, sweet potatoes, and avocados. Tonight he tried apples mixed with sweet potatoes. No big objections, although if I don't thin out the avocados, he will gag on them.

On another note, I am really excited about venturing into the baby food making arena. I got a really neat book on baby purees and I guess you could say I'm obsessing over it. I love to cook, so this is down my alley. First of all, I love messing with it. Second of all, it's super cheap!

I paid 79 cents for this tiny jar of sweet potatoes.

And I made this whole mini chopper of puree with one organic sweet potato that was $1.

It made six large containers of food. I would have gotten seven, but I filled them too full. Next time I didn't fill them as full because the lids pop open when they freeze if they are too full.

Trying the homemade potatoes.

Cita helped feed him one night.

"Yeah, they think this is really gonna make me sleep longer? Ha! I'll show them!" - Gunnar


Anonymous said...

Chey-Anne, who is the lady with the wind blown hair and the long nose? Has the nose always been that long or is it just one more thing that gets bigger in old age--oh well she sure has a cute grandbaby! Cita

Amy Holifield said...

I made all of Brynna's food, and loved it! Which book did you get? The one I found has recipes that sneaks in good stuff to kids foods until they go to college! I love it!