Tuesday, March 8, 2011


I taught school with all these kiddo's mommas. The thing I miss most about teaching is my sweet friends. I made some really great friends and I miss seeing them every day. Since I stayed home, Beth has become a counselor but the other two are still at Cooper. Luckily, we do manage to get together at least one night a month, if not two, and catch up. We do dinner at someone's house usually and let the kids run around. These are the girls I get to try out new recipes on since my bunch is too picky. I love my "teacher dinners" and look so forward to them. You really couldn't find a nicer group of girls!

Gunnar, Rylee, Violet, & Logan. We had a little photo session the other night. S & F went to eat with Kyle so they weren't there. I was thinking while looking at these that we never take pics of the adults. I really need to do that. Oh, and Logan loves his thumb-how cute is that!?! That frog he's holding, well Gunnar has one just like it, but in a much cleaner version. We haven't used ours near as much. Logan spotted it one night and tried to swipe it. He thought it was his. Beth had to hide it and get out the door without him spotting it! I was so funny!

Violet and Gunnar are about 10 weeks apart. Obviously, he has some weight & length on the girl, ha! If they ever got married, this would be a cute pic for there wedding!!! LOL!

Miss Rylee and G. Ry is a woman of few words. It usually takes about one hour to warm up before she will talk at all to me. I guess she can't get a word in with all of us moms doing the talking! I do love my friends. They hold a special place in my heart!

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