Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Break Highlights

Let me just begin by saying that Spring Break 2011 was a blur. It came and went and I'm still spinning. I have not even had time to sit down and load my pics. I think I will just break my pics down and load a few each night. We are so busy with the kids and also I am addicted to a series of books so I have not been on the computer at night. I thought after looking at everyone's spring break pics, I better do something.

A few eventful things that I should go ahead and mention are that 1.) Gunnar started eating his first foods-pears! Lots of pics of that to come. 2.)Finley got her ears pierced! Way exciting! 3.) Gunnar came down with RSV last week. Poooo! Thank goodness he has been fine and is slowly sounding better. 4.)Slade and Kyle went on a boy's trip to Abilene and had lots of fun! 5.) I'm starting a rearranging/decorating in Slade's room. You know how much I love paint!

Tonight's Spring Break highlight is that we celebrated Big Dad's birthday while we were at the ranch. We began SB by mom coming up the first weekend and we had Gracie's bday party and a baby shower on that Saturday. Finley and Slade went home with mom on Sunday when she left. That left G and myself at home. Poor Kyle just worked-this is the beginning of his really busy time. I moved furniture in Slade's room and got to spend a day with Shauna, who was totally childless for the week. We did a little shopping, had lunch, and even managed to catch a movie Tuesday night. Wednesday morning G & I started to Iraan. Mom, Nana, and Fin met us in Midland to get groceries, but really they just came to help me get G the rest of the way without screaming in the carseat. Since G doesn't have a tolerance for riding in the car, Nana jumped in the rode with me the rest of the way home. We headed to Iraan after a Wal-Mart run and lunch at Macalister's Deli.

I brought dad a red velvet cake from Lubbock and we ate cake Wednesday night, even though his actual bday wasn't until Friday. The cake was yummy!

This is before the cake almost slid into the floor. Dad caught it just in time. So we had steak, baked potatoes, and salad for dinner and a little red velvet for dessert. Happy 63rd Birthday, Dad!

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Jerilynn said...

love it and love that cake! wish I had a piece. Hey, I need you to text me your address - I have a little something for Mr. G. Did you get my latest text? and last....what books are you reading?