Tuesday, April 5, 2011

That's My Girl!

Finley is has officially entered the world of glitz and glam-she pierced her ears!!!!! A few months ago, after a few weeks of prodding from me, we headed to Claire's in the mall. We had all the papers filled out and she was sitting in the chair and she chickened out. So I left well enough alone and sure enough when we were at the ranch for Spring Break, she walked up to me and said, "I want to pierce my ears." What can I say, the girl knows what she wants. And she is now the proud owner of the most beautiful pair of tiny pink daisy earrings that will stay in her ears approxiately six to eight weeks.
So I must tell of our journey to the land of pierced ears. Here is a coin or two in the fountain for luck!

We went to Claire's again, and evidently Monday night is a popular time to get ears pierced because we were about fourth in line. I was like, seriously, how many people can be getting their ears pierced on a Monday night. Evidently alot. So we ventured on to a place called Icing that I didn't even know was in our mall. I have since found out that they bought out all the Afterthoughts stores.

It was perfect because no one else was there and there were two ladies working-which meant that they could each pierce an ear at the same time. If not, I'm afraid we would have ended up with one ear pierced. Claire's only had one worker.

The last time one will ever see these sweet little ears without a hole in them and we will soon add earrings to our stocking stuffer list!

Getting the perfect, most even spots on each side. We would not want crooked earrings.

You see, I had been truthful and told Finley that it would pinch her ears, and probably sting, and her ears would get really hot. They would be sore, but it would go away and wasn't horrible. I wasn't going to trick her. Plus, she's not the personality that you want to trick. I can only compare her to a time bomb ticking and you never know when she'll blow. She is a firecracker. I'm just saying.

Finley discovered that ear piercing is kinda like teaching school, you never really are fully prepared until you actually do it. The actual piercing was not her cup of tea. She was one mad hen and the bomb did explode, but it wasn't a major meltdown.

She did get a grip on herself and calmed down after about five minutes of being really furious. She was mad and told me to quit talking to her, but all in all she did really well. It could have turned out much worse. She went to the mall wearing her big girl panties that day. If anyone asked her if it hurt, she told them all YES!!!

My sweet girl with holes in her ears. It was a sweet mother-daughter milestone. I do secretly hope that this experience scared her too much to get her nose pierced when she's in college. One set of ear holes are enough for one lifetime. Wow-I totally sounded like a mom just now!

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The Boyd Gang said...

She is such a brave girl!! My girls haven't showed any interest in getting their ears pierced yet!! I am kinda glad because they are growing up way too fast already! I hope Gunnar is sleeping a little more for you!!