Friday, March 4, 2011

Gunnar at 4 Months

Gunnar Hayes, you are 4 months old! I cannot believe that time has gone so quickly, and yet it seems like you've been here forever. Could be because I feel like I haven't slept all night in four months?!? You are a sweet boy and require lots of patience, entertainment, & milk.

During your 4 month well check today, you got a thumbs up. You are 16.2 lbs which is the 75th percentile. You are also in the 70th % in height and 80th % in head circumference. You are a growing, healthy boy.

You still have super chubby, short feet. Dr. Stripling said they looked like they have grown so hopefully you have normal, average feet. Yay! Although, they are still the funniest feet I've seen in a while. Ok, ever.

You love to crinkle paper and of course, put it in your mouth. Everything is starting to go straight you your mouth. You also like to pull our hands into your mouth when we are holding you. You are starting to drool alot. You don't care for your pacifier much except when you are having trouble getting to sleep. Most times, though, you'd much rather have milk than a stinky old passy.

Being the third child, you get your bottle propped more than the other two did. Sorry. That's how we roll around here. It's mainly survival mode most days. The other day your brother was supposed to be feeding you and this is how I found you. Propped. But he did such a great job with your set-up! As you can see by the photo, you are very interested in holding your bottle-which makes me a happy mom. I guess you figure you'd better learn to do it yourself since you get propped so often. Again, sorry dude.

You are quite happy with your feet. You pull your feet up to your chin and then roll over to the side. This activity keeps you busy for at least 15 minutes. You prefer a new activity about every 10-15 minutes. You get bored quickly and need something else to entertain you. No, I don't know why this photo kept showing up crooked.

You like to throw up when I try to make you go to sleep on your own. We have stopped making you do this because I don't like to clean up puke. You are basically rotten and need to be rocked. That's ok. Sometimes you just have to wait your turn but you let us know when you aren't happy about it. You basically let us know when you are unhappy about anything for that matter. You know exactly what you want-you're that kind of dude. That's ok, you'll be a go-getter when you grow up.

In the mornings when Slade is getting ready for school, you will lay on my bed and look at your toys. You like this little octopus alot. You also like the flowers that play music, the green froggy blanky, and the hanging giraffe. You try to grab & swipe at the giraffe on your mat.

Cita bought you a new highchair so you can be in the middle of everything that goes on in the kitchen. You like to be in the action, watching everyone. You sit and watch Finley eat lunch some days. The high chair rolls so I sometimes roll you up to the counter where I'm working.
See, you like to watch everyone in your high chair! Sweet boy! I love you in this zippy turtle outfit. We still love to dress you in the zipper sleepers. You wear 9 mo or 6-12 mo clothing and size 3 diapers.

You love to take a bath. You have started kicking your little legs all around. You don't usually ever cry in the tub. Every night you take a bath around 7:30. I think it relaxes you so you can get to sleep. Eventhough you don't take very good naps, you do pretty well at night. We try to put you down about 8 and then you usually wake in an hour and have to be rocked again. Then you are down for the night usually. You will then wake up anywhere between 2-5, mostly just once and have a bottle. Then you are up for the morning about 6:30. You then take a short nap (most of your naps are short-like 15-30 minutes) in the morning about 9. I like to call you the "Cat-Napper".

You are kind of a rolly polly. Such cute little chubby rolls. Especially your little thighs-you have lots of thigh rolls! You drink about 32 ounces of milk each day. Today you have started grunting/humming. I guess just because you can and like to hear your own voice.

You like anyone to smile at you, talk to you, sing to you, or just plain ol' pay any kind of attention to you. You demand attention. And you usually get it because people think you are pretty cute. Everyone says you look just like Slade. I think you look like Finley when she was a baby.
It has been an exciting four months. We are never bored! You are a precious baby! I'm so glad you are ours. Please don't start to grow up too fast!!!

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