Monday, March 28, 2011

The Rest of Spring Break

So, I got to looking at the remaining pics and realized they aren't much to write home about. I really didn't do too well at taking pics. There's not a single one of Nana, Mom, or myself. Well, there's never any of me bc I'm always the photographer but I usually do much better than this. Oh well. We were busy. There you have it. Slade was obsessed with hunting and catching these lizards that had blue tummies. $1 for the net in the dollar bin at Target. Best money ever spent. Thanks, Shauna, for your suggestion.
This is how he rolls. He's such a great hunter, he even caught them with his bare hands!

Finley got irrate bc one hopped out of the net onto her shirt. I'm pretty sure she is scarred for life now.

Somebody has the sweetest, fattest legs I've ever seen! Mother made homemade chocolate ice cream and everyone was trying to feed it to him. I put my foot down. All those raw eggs. Not real excited about Samonella and my baby. Call me crazy.

And we cannot forget that we fed the chickens.

They're like Mikey-they'll eat just about anything. Did you know they eat their own egg shells? Weird, huh.

Food scraps-good. Lizards on shirts-not so much.


The Boyd Gang said...

Sawyer has to move because his sisters are constantly annoying him! Gunnar is way too precious and I would hold him all the time!! I hope he starts sleeping better for your sake!

Crystal said...

Lizards! Sounds like my house. Looks like ya'll had fun! Too bad we didn't get to see you.