Sunday, January 23, 2011

Turning Eight!

Last weekend was quite the celebration. Between Slade turning eight and Campbell turning three, we did alot of party hopping and cake eating. We started out by letting them open our gifts on Friday night. Everyone came over to our house for dinner.

Slade got a personalized Tech jersey. His big gift from Us and Nana was his basketball goal, but we didn't get that going until Monday-his actual bday. He really, really loves the basketball goal. He's been out every day shooting a few hoops.

Campbell liked her gifts, too.

The pretend fishing pole was a big hit.

Gunnar is 11 weeks old here.

Aunt B and Shane gave him shoulder pads. Cita & Big Dad got him some really cool racing cars amongst other things!

Slade's bday invitation I made at Walgreens. I used his football pics from the fall.
Against my wishes, Slade chose his party to be at The Main Event. He wanted to play Glow-Golf. If you know me, you know that Main Event is not my favorite place.

New England Patriots cake

It was so loud in this little room at this point, one seriously needed a pair of ear muffs. I was relieved that we decided against bringing the baby to the party. Finley stayed at Brandi's and helped Campbell unwrap her gifts. Wise choice, Fin.

13 eight-year-old boys. Need I say more. I can't tell you how I really feel about 13 eight-year-old boys at Main Event because Slade might someday read this blog and I want him to have happy memories about his eighth bday.

But I can tell you that the second grade teachers at Preston Smith Elementary School in Lubbock, Texas, are substantially UNDERPAID........ ; )

Party Favors.......$12
Birthday Cake.........$30
Each Kid at the Party for 2 hours.....................$14.99
Feeling of RELIEF as we walked out of Main Event with the realization of knowing that I would never make the mistake of letting Gunnar have 13 eight-year-old boys at a party here ever again.....................PRICELESS!

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