Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gunnar-Two Month Check-up

Gunnar is wishing everyone a Happy New Year! He rang in 2011 in his swing, asleep. All these holidays wore him plum out! I've decided that he looks really good in dark blue. He's getting to be such a handsome devil! He is still drinking 4 ounces of milk. Next time he moves up, we'll be getting the bigger 8 ounce bottles.

I knew that this was inevitable, but poor baby Gunnar does have to spend some time riding around in his carseat. That's the breaks with having older siblings. We have lots to do-sports, dance, gymnastics. It's a really nice seat, though. Super comfy-well at least it seems to be. He usually will fall asleep-if the car is moving. Don't even think about stopping at lights, though, because he knows when the car stops! The other night, we even took the whole loop around Lubbock just so he could catch some ZZZ's.G slept and I listened to my ipod and visited with Beth. I have found that I will resort to almost anything to get a happy baby around here!

Lately, I am constantly trying to catch him smiling with my camera. He is so sweet in the mornings when he wakes up happy and smiles and coo's at me. It makes me all warm and tingley inside. Sweet boy.

And little frog feet. That makes me happy, too. I mean, have you ever seen such sweet froggy feet? I love frog feet.

So we went to Gunnar's two month check up and it went really well. He is 13.2 lbs which is 75th% and 23.5 inches long which is 65th%. They asked me if he smiled? Check! If he tracked with his eyes? Check! Lifts his head? Check! So much to accomplish in two short months! We got our immunizations and he didn't cry very long. His legs were a bit sore that night but today he seems fine. Dr. Steve still thinks his feet are small but we got the ok from the ortho so I'm not real concerned. He just might have short feet. Or they may take off and grow really quickly and he'll end up wearing a size 13! His only other issue is that his skin is peeling. We are putting some Aquaphor on it and that seems to help. It is around his eyebrows, cheeks, and now moved to the back of his head. We'll go back at four months and see how much biggy has grown. When you eat every two hours, you're bound to grow quickly!

They all favor, don't you think!?! They are so good with him. Slade cannot stand for him to cry-it really bothers him. Therefore, Slade has been bothered alot in the last month. If G is crying, Slade will race in from the other room and suggest that I give him a passy or bottle. Kyle was like, "Dude, babies just cry sometimes!" Slade does a really good job of rocking him and propping him on pillows. G loves to smile at Finley and she just talks to him. It's so cute when she chats with him. She still calls him Bubba.

I just love little sleepers. This one has monkeys on his feet. We spend lots of days and nights in our sleepers. I found 6 zip up sleepers by the way, so we are good to go at night! My favorite ones are the Gerber zip front sleepers. He's wearing 3-6 month sleepers.

And I love him in this little puppy sleeper-Kyle calls it his bulldog jammies. I caught him smiling once again. He was enjoying his new toy that Santa brought him! Actually he was really just smiling because Finely was talking to him, but don't tell Santa.

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