Friday, January 21, 2011

The Hunger Games

Well, folks, I did it. Don't really know how. Didn't ever think I would get to do it again anytime soon. Yes, girls, I actually read a book. A whole book. Yes, I think it's a small miracle. I really didn't have time, but it was an easy read. Pretty short. It's juvenile fiction I believe. I sweated out a few chapters in the tub. I stayed up tooooo long several nights. I even read on our seat in the shower. Ok, well I didn't read this in the shower but I did read Water for Elephants in the shower. It wasn't my book so I wasn't too worried. Never, ever give me a book that you love. It might or might not get a little bit wet. I'm careful, but sometimes water deflects off my head onto the pages. Although, now that I think about it, I would never jeopardize my Twilight saga books in the shower. Those are much too precious. And vampires don't really need to shower, seeing that their skin is like beautiful sculptures of marble. And they sparkle. I'm rambling. Back to The Hunger Games.

So my gal pal, Nat and fellow Twilighters Anonymous Member, gave me this book for my bday, knowing perfectly well I hate sci-fi crap. Two things about me. I don't do Old West. And I don't do Futuristic. I do love me some Cullens, though. Go figure. Anyways, I put this book aside, seeing I've been a little busy. You know, like having babies and stuff. But the other night, I walked by the bookshelf, and it jumped out at me. Or maybe I was just desperate one night in the midst of my colic baby-haven't slept all night in three months-induced coma and grabbed it by mistake thinking it was a burp rag. I started it. And read, and read, and read and then I was finished. It was no Stephenie Meyer or Mary Higgins Clark or Elin Hildebrand for that matter, but I liked it. It was so strange and intriguing, that I had to continue. Plus, I felt like I was sticking to my vow to "branch out" with my reading selections. This story is crazy, but you just really must know what happens. And isn't that what makes the best stories?!? You have to know how it ends. Think Lord of the Flies meets the Jetsons. And that's really all you need to know. I recommend it. And please be warned, it sucks you in because it does leave you hanging at the end. So I'm starting book two. So I can find out what happens. Because I'm nosey like that. Evidently it's a trilogy. I'll let you know how book two goes. I wonder if a Kindle can withstand a shower???

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