Friday, January 7, 2011


Finley looked so cute in her pink dance outfit. Wednesday was "watch day" for her class. She was so pleased that everyone was gushing over baby Gunnar. She just kept kissing him in front of everyone. Then she was even more pleased when Kyle snuck into class to watch her. Daddy doesn't get to come very often during the work day so it was a treat to have him there. I always love to see daddy's at dance class for some reason. Miss Carla measured all the girls before Christmas which means the costumes are already ordered for June!!! At the end of the month we will know what song her class will be performing for the recital.

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Jerilynn said...

Dear Blogging Sister - I hope you forgive me not getting to your blog. Just have limited time these days and January is panning out to be CrAzzzzy! I promise when and if I get a chance to redo my blog header that I will do one for you too. The one you have now is super cute and I love the double sided layout.
P.S. Finley looks precious in PINK
P.S.S. I promise I haven't forgotten to celebrate little Gunnar's arrival - I will be sending him something...before he turns 18 Ü