Sunday, January 9, 2011

These are a Few......

of my favorite things! I love to read the things people like on their blogs. Pioneer Woman does a great favorite things periodically. So I thought it was time again for me to post some of my favs. Don't worry, they aren't all baby items-just the first few.
After dropping Gunnar's blanket on the ground fifteen times in the cold blowing wind everytime I got out of the car, I decided to look into carrier covers. I had a pink one for Finley, and aside from the fact that it was pink and people would have thought I was carrying Leighton Mallory around, (That was one of my fav girls' names-please someone use it. It's such a cute name but we are done) I wasn't fond of the design of it. It went right up against her face and had a little peep hole for her head. I wanted his head to be covered without smothering him. Happily I found this awesome cover at BabiesRUs. It's from JJ Cole called the "blue leaf" pattern. I totally love this thing-use it daily! And the pic below shows how it un-velcros to open up and get him out instead of having to take the whole cover off or if you just want the baby to look out. See how it attached to the handle for some breathing room. Love this!

Mom and Nana bought me this travel system for Gunnar. It's a Chico Cortina Travel System. The color/style is Adventure. I knew I was going to have to get a new infant seat and stroller. I sold Finley's because I hated it. It was an Eddie Bauer and it was so heavy to lug around. Brandi had a Chico and loved hers. So I got this one and I love love love it. Plus she has a base that I could use instead of buying an extra one for Kyle's truck. Plus I love grey and green. Gunnar loves to sleep in it, too!

I noticed that the straps were so close to Gunnars face and neck-it's hard to be chubby with no neck to speak of, bless his heart. So I found these JJ Cole strap covers at BabiesRUs. I'm loving the JJ Cole collections and they work great. Just throw them in the washer when they get milk or spit up on them.

These are the Gerber zip front sleepers that I adore. The night time diaper changes are soooo much quicker when you just zip up instead of finding ten snaps. If you don't have a baby, let me tell you that you are practically delirious at night during feedings. You'll thank me one day for suggesting these. We started out in gowns and moved to these. Love them! And WalMart, Target, and BabiesRUs all have there own collection of these I discovered last week.

G is very stuffy and since you can basically only suck out their noses with the "booger getter" for colds and such, this has been awesome. It's Simply Baby Saline saline nasal mist. It's like an aerosol can that sprays right the nose, loosens mucus and makes the process easier. I'm such a pro at this now. It even has a little blocker at the tip of the sprayer that only goes so far into the baby's nose so you can't hurt them and put it too far. It's so quick, too, which is great since G HATES this done to him. And we have to do this several times a day. P.S. The best booger getters are the ones you get at the hospital when the baby is born. Ask for another when you leave the hospital so you can have one for your house and one for your baby bag. And don't bother buying one anywhere else!

Kyle got me the 11 inch Paula Deen Copper Bottom Skillet for Christmas. I cannot tell you how awesome this pan is. It is like magic. Nothing, I repeat, nothing sticks to this pan. It cooks beautifully and cleans even better. I want the whole set. Now. Please.

This is not the picture I wanted. It's close, but my computer wouldn't let me copy the exact razor I wanted. It's the Gillette Fusion ProGlide razor. It is in a blue container instead of orange. I had a CVS coupon for a free one. It is the best razor ever. I would never pay ten dollars for a razor but for this one I might. I got a bunch of shavings out of just one razor. Like at least five or more. Kyle loved it, too. I have no loyalty towards womens or mens razors. I usually just find one I like and have found that most times, men have the best razors.

This is Pravana Hydrating Leave-In Treatment. I love it and use it every time I wash my hair. It makes it easy to comb through and protects while blow drying. I use it in Finley's hair, too. I get it from my hair gal at her shop.

My favorite body lotion ever. Mary Kay Hydrating Lotion. Smells super clean and stays with you. It's not heavy or greasy. It's perfect!

Went all Fall looking for the perfect tasting pumpkin bread recipe and didn't find it. Then I went over to my friend, Angela's house, and there it was. Ridiculous actually. Childishly simple. You take one box of Betty Crocker Super Moist Spice Cake Mix and add 1 can of pumpkin. That's it. 2 ingredients. It makes a pan of the most fabulous, moist, perfectly spiced pumpkin muffins ever! The best part is that they are low cal. You can also use the Betty Crocker carrot cake mix. Make sure you use plain canned pumpkin, not pumpkin pie filling. I freeze them and pop them into the microwave in the morning. Slade loves them, too, and they taste awfully yummy with my pumpkin pie spice coffee creamer.

And last but not least, this is Johnson's Baby Oil Gel. The kids and I have extremely dry skin in the winter and we use this after we shower/bathe. I put it on their skin while it's still wet, before drying them. Then we dry off and put our jammies on. It's not greasy and doesn't run everywhere when you pour it because it's a gel. I use it on my legs every time after I shave. And it lasts forever!

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