Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nap Nanny

I have been researching this little device for several weeks now. I had seen one on someones blog one time and remembered they spoke highly about it. So I read a bunch of articles about the Nap Nanny and decided it was worth the price. Or hoped and crossed my fingers anyways.It is recommended for babies with reflux and colic especially. We definitely fit into that category! I looked on ebay and found several "gently used" ones but after I would pay to ship it, it was about the same price to just get one here at the store.

There was a light blue minky dot one and this cute turquoise one, which is what I picked. Please excuse the half eaten carrots and dinner plate in the photo. It's super cute. But how would G like it? I am excited to report...................................

He loves it!!! He really likes to be propped up in it most of all. It's a good incline, which I think makes his belly feel better after eating. At night, I feed him in it and usually fall back asleep without burping him. And so far, most times his milk sits well with him. You need to look into one of these if you are having to prop your baby up at night.

I also feel much better about him in it at night because he was sleeping on a pillow in the middle of us. That's the only way he would sleep besides in the swing because he liked to be propped. It was freaking me out that I would roll on him or the pillow would get on his face.

Yep, he still likes it. Now if I could get him to not wake up every. two. hours. to eat!!! I wonder if he would still be smiling if he knew this was his SISTER'S old outfit! LOL!

Oh, and I couldn't end this blog without a fat foot pic. Gotta love the feet!!!

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Jerilynn said...

My sister has one of those and loves it....and I am ashamed to say that she told me that I should tell you about it...and I didn't. Hanging my head in shame!