Wednesday, January 12, 2011

All in a Day's Work.....

Ok, so I really really need to blog my Christmas morning pics. And the rest of my holiday pics. And my baby shower pics-oh how behind I am on those. And I'm sure there's more I've missed. But I'm just pooped tonight. I don't have the patience to let the pics load onto blogger. So I'm not. It has been a busy week. We have Slade and Campbell's parties this weekend. The weather has been crazy cold, but at least I got to wear my really cute winter hat today. And my new scarf Nana gave me for Christmas. I heart scarves so much. My sweet friend, Beth, told me to blog what I was doing while we were chatting. I think I will. Blog my day of chores at least. Just so you won't think I was bored or anything. If anyone cares, here it goes.....
Fed Gunnar
Blew dried my hair with a round brush
Got ready
Balanced checkbook
Bathed Fin
Make breakfast
Let the dog out
watered the dog
fed the dog
let the dog back in
warmed up the car
packed G's bag
loaded F, G, me in car
went to gymnastics
fed G at gymnastics
changed G's diaper & clothes at gymnastics
grabbed lunch
Finley's haircut
Picked two kids up from school-it got out at lunch today
Went to Target(with all three of my kids!ha!)
Fed G in Target
Bought bday gifts
Went home
Got Fin ready for dance
changed G's clothes and diaper
Took F to dance
Ran to Cardinals
Ran to Post Office
Ran to CVS (did all 3 in 35 min)
Picked Fin up
Ran to Sonic
Changed G
Fed G
Put dog out
Made Paul Revere hat out of poster board
Studied Paul Revere
Wrote poem of Midnight Ride
Watched Slade perform Paul Revere
Made Finley hat
Rocked G
Changed G
Fixed the toliet
Washed pee sheets
Picked up kitchen
Phone calls
Wiped a hiney(not mine)
Answered texts
Changed G
Fed G
Fed Fin
Fed Me
Ran to Kohls
Bought bday gifts
Ran to Brandi's
Ran to CVS-again
Listened to Paul Revere
Rocked G
Bathed me
Bathed G
Bathed Fin
Made bottles
Fed G
Rocked G
Called mom
let dog out
let dog in
fed dog
Dadgum, I'm tired!
And it's 12:15am and I'm sure the minute I lay down, Mr. G will need to eat!!!
I didn't sit down today. Except in the car. And listening to Paul Revere. And in the tub. Why am I not thinner?????

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