Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where Do I Even Begin.........

This is the culprit. This lead to a series of books, which lead to a movie, which lead to a girlish crush, which lead to a healthy Twi-crack addiction, which then lead to a night of birthday fun I will never forget!

The theme was Twilight, the star was Edward, the decor was sparkly black/red, and I was Mrs. Cullen for the night.

My favorite quote of the saga. Yes, it's called a saga because it's a long vampire-like soap opera. You just keep coming back for more.

Brandi in her "Forks Prom" pose. She hosted my party. I had to bribe her. It involved me keeping her child a whole weekend. She probably would have done it anyways.

I'm playing the "shy" card.

My cake was precious and to die for red velvet! Soooo good! And it is almost a duplicate of Bella's cake in New Moon-just a bit of trivia-take it or leave it.

I think this might have been my favorite thing. I put red sugar on our glasses. It was too cute and festive!

A girl can always dream........

I have nothing to say about my juvenile actions.

Natalie's "Forks Prom" pose. Natalie is my partner-in-crime. We heart Twilight. We heart Edward. We count the days till New Moon comes out in theatre. We are not embarrassed. I repeat, we are not embarrassed.

Tracy is pretending to be timid. Really, she just scared of vampires because she is not a Twilight fan. Why, I ask, Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Dazzling Red Scarf Ladies.

They seem to be having lots of fun!

How cute is this kinder teacher!?! She has a special place in my heart, she's precious, and she has really cute clothes.

When you have that many candles on your cake, you really just need to stick with the digit candles, 3-2. Hindsight is 20/20.

Everyone, I repeat, Everyone got their picture made with Edward when they came in the door.

Green apple suckers with peanut butter and chocolate. We had tons of food, but I don't have many pics for some reason?

Lori-the Twilight Queen of the World. She won the quiz. Don't challenge her unless you want to loose.

I just really loved my glasses. I also tied a red bow to the bottom with each person's name. The back of the name had a number in which we then drew numbers for prizes.

She really really likes him-Bella sneakers and all. Nat flew in from Dallas just to celebrate my birthday. And for you Iraanians, she is married to David Drake. He picked well.

It was really hilarious at this point! The gift I will explain in a whole other blog. It was really funny, though!

Melissa is just really happy she didn't get the flu from her daughter and was able to come to my party! ha!

The old Cooper Gals! Love these two!!!

I put this on my blog just because she didn't want me too!

Mikela is on the third book. She is starting to come around and wishes that she was Mrs. Cullen.

Katie decided to read the books after attending this party! If you can't beat em, join em!

I didn't buy the posters. They were in a magazine I already had. There were seven posters. I was as thrilled to put these up as I was when I placed Debbie Gibson on my wall in my childhood room. It was just a "Foolish Beat" of my heart???

Helen won the bookmark. She has midnight showing tickets to New Moon already purchased. She rocks!!! Ok, so I already have them, too. I'm just saying.
I cut holes in these apples and inserted red votives in the decorating hysteria of this party. It was sooooo cute. Sooooo Twilighty. Eat your heart out, Martha.

Seductive vampire?

I totally stole this off a Twilight website. "Forks" quotes. Who knew forks could be so cute. (For those not of the Twilight phenomenon, Twilight takes place in a little town called Forks, Washington-and it's really a place. They are beyond famous now. Now you think the forks are really clever, right!!!)

Who loves him more? Who holds the key to our hearts? Who do you recommend for a good shrink?

Intruders, Beware!!!

Brandi's wedding china was finally used. What better way than to celebrate your baby sister's birthday! There were about 25 of us there according to my calculations. I haven't had that much fun on my birthday since they surprised me at the Old House Cafe for my sixteenth birthday-and I can guarantee there was no six foot vampire cut out there!!!


Crystal said...

Just to let you know...I kept my promise and started reading The Books. I caught the bug. I read the first one in 3 days and the second in 1 week. (I do have 9 month old twins, you know, that's what took me so long). I'm starting number 3 today. Just so you know...I did not neglect my boys during this reading frenzy, but they were not one second late on their bedtimes. My students...well they are another story. I have been caught reading during my conference. The books are that addicting! I haven't seen the movie yet, but I have it Netflixed....I do live in Iraan.

Loved the birthday party. It looks like it was so much fun...I might have to steal that idea for the boys 1st birthday...I'm sure they won't mind.

Jerilynn said...

loved everything you did. I am so mad that I had to miss it. You know I would have contributed some red iced sugar cookies. It looks like you had a great time celebrating. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

What a party, but who is this Edward guy anyway? Was he one of my students in Iraan, by any chance? (Just teasing!) Your thoughts on "A River Runs Through It" were so beautiful and heart-felt. One of my favorites also. Thanks for sharing. From Charlena VP

Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures!! And yes, you were right--I would have had your bday celebration at my house even if you hadn't agreed to keeping Campbell for the entire weekend before!! But I really do appreciate it!! I had such a great time and everyone was sooo much fun. Well, almost everyone! Ha!! You looked so dern cute and really outdid youself with the food. You really rock at party planning. The pictures didn't do it justice. It looked amazing!!!!! Looking forward to the midnight showing November 20th!!

Love you sis!