Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Letter

Dearest Jerilynn,

Sure wish I had a toffee oatmeal cookie to finish off my sandwich for lunch. I would warm it and drink a diet Dr. Pepper. My mom would dip it in milk. Maybe I could dip it in milk, but only if it was skim and ice-cold. Or maybe I long for a pumpkin sugar cookie with tiny sugar crystals. Or a white ghost with little black dot eyes. I would most likely eat one in front of my family and then sneak three more when the kids were out of sight. They wouldn't know that three more even existed because I would have hid them anyways before they saw the plate of cookies. I still have lots of built-up anger about your family moving away. I try to hide the pain. The pain of you taking our friend, Cutter, our scrapbooking discussions, the Easter egg dying parties, and you watching my sister's dogs. I liked it when you watched them instead of me. I think I deal with the pain well, but the cookies break me down. When I think I'm ready to move on and accept the fact that you are no longer Brandi's neighbor and I might make it, you send a cookie via Brandi that unleashes the beast in me again. These are the days that I wish I was like my Edward-cold, strong, and not into eating human food aka Jerilynn's sugar cookies. My diet would be better, as well, seeing that you cannot excuse eating six iced sugar cookies. They just cannot fit in a diet, no matter how much you lie to yourself. My last lapse was last week, so I will take the next few months to try to recover-until you come for an orthodontic appointment in December and bring Christmas sugar cookies again. Then the cycle will begin again. Until next time, bake well, my friend..................................

Lonely in Lubbock,

PS The response to my letter can be found here

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