Monday, October 26, 2009


On Sunday, Brandi celebrated her 21st birthday! Which makes me 17-the exact age of Edward. Who knew it would work out so perfectly. Happy Birthday, Sis! Finley and I took her out to birthday lunch on Friday. It was fun. Finley was a brat. We ate petitfors. Brandi had raw tuna. I had fish tacos. Just us girls!

Slade's first grade classroom has been studying spiders the past few weeks. He had to recite a poem on Friday and he took "props". It was something about a spider climbing on a wall. He did well from what I can gather. Boys do not give you much information. NID "not into details", as Jennifer Lopez stated during The Wedding Planner. She was referring to grooms, but that statement encompasses all male species down to toddler age and my boys are no exception.

And I saw these in a magazine and had to make them for his class in honor of the spider unit.

I mean, how cute are these??? Right down to their little Twisler legs! They were a hit!


The Boyd Gang said...

okay really!!! Do you have to be so creative? Now I have to make them with my girls because they are so cute!!

Finding Favor said...

I always like seeing your cute creations. How fun they are. Hope you and the family are all better.

Jerilynn said...

super cute cupcakes!

Amy Holifield said...

you're such a creative momma! I have a friend who celebrates her ___ annual 21st birthday party every single year, I'll be sure and tell her she's not alone. Although knowing her, I'm sure 3 year olds would be slightly inappropraite at the parties! I'm glad Finley got to tag along for the fun.

Anonymous said...

must be nice to be able to take cupcakes to school. does slade go to school in another state? hope the ag. hag never comes to your school. I used to love to make fun stuff for the kids. no more fun for us.