Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Carving Craziness

We decided on a personal theme for each pumpkin this year!

The culprits B.C. (before carving)

And this was "Big Daddy". Notice the tiny hole poked out on the left bottom? Well......That is from the stem of one of the baby pumpkins. It jammed into Big Daddy after I drove around all morning before realizing that the banging in the back of the car was our pumpkins that I forgot to unload.

Digging out the guts. EEEWWWW!


Pure pumpkin flesh. I thought about toasting the seeds but then decided that I didn't want to dig them out of all that mess. Toasted pumpkin seeds are good, though. I've done it before. Before I lived by a Market Street United where you can pull the clear canister and the toasted seeds fall into a bag and you take them home. Viola!


Big nerds! Get Your Guns, Up, Smarty Nerds!

Our finished products. We are proud of our masterpieces.

We lit a candle for the Tech game against the Aggies this past weekend. It wasn't pretty-the game, I mean. The pumpkin is very pretty!

Slade's traditional mini pumpkin. He wanted upside down triangle eyes. And one tooth with a smile. (P.S. I can see Slade right now from where I am typing. He is cleaning his room. He has on underwear and black soccer socks that come up to his knees. Priceless. And hilarious!)

Quite fitting, don't you think!!! "F" monogram, pink paint, black boa, silver hearts placed on by Finley. Also, we ruined the brand new shirt she had on. She leaned against the pink wet paint. Oops. Play clothes now.

And let us not forget the mini-me pumpkins. We call her "Love Bug". She's as white as my legs.

I like to call this one "Cabaret".

And here is "The Web". I knew those plastic spider rings were good for something!!!


Tracy said...

Adorable!! We are carving tomorrow night!!

Crystal said...

cute pumpkins! cute kids! cute ideas! maybe next year we can tackle each of the boys having their own pumpkin!

Funky Finds said...

those are super fun!

Anonymous said...

NO TWILIGHT PUMPKINS? What's up with that? Are you okay? Do we need to worry about you?

Very cute pumpkins!
Jennifer Lynn