Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Top Ten

Highlights since this past Friday.

1. Slade lost his 4th tooth-All he wants for Christmas are his two front teeth-literally!
2. I sold 4 pieces of jewelry-yay for me.
3. I got 1/2 of my Christmas shopping done this past weekend with my mom. We had a Shop-Till-You-Drop two days.
4. Finley is officially terribly two. I can prove it with the $6.50 receipt to Jump-n-Jungle that we only stayed for 10 minutes at bc we had to leave since she threw a fall-in-the-floor fit. I cried I was so upset.
5. Slade's teacher is having a baby in July-hope hers doesn't have the attitude of my July baby!
6. Finley will be going to T/Th school in January-hence entry #4
7. I am going to Kyle's stomach dr in December bc my stomach is still bothering me post gallbladder removal. I'm so sick of it hurting. It's hurting right now. Have I mentioned that I'm sick of my stomach hurting?
8. My daughter is obsessed with Minnie and Mickey Mouse.
9. I cannot make up my mind about the windows and I've fallen behind on my stocking progress. Give me some words of wisdom folks.
10. I broke down and bought a new clothes dryer-not so much fun to spend your money on, but it's nice to dry more than one load every two hours.


Jerilynn said...

I can't believe Slade lost his fourth tooth. My kids lose teeth a little on the slow side. Yeah for selling the jewelry.
Hey - there is a plus side to having a dryer that actually works.
Sweet Finley - i know you are just making that up.
P.S. We will be in town on Monday afternoonand would love to stop by for 15-20 minutes to hug the girls - and Slade if he's home...and you if you need one Ü
Let me know!

The Boyd Gang said...

I understand how you feel when your children throw fits. Mine are professionals, especially when I am by myself. Hope your stomach stops hurting.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand your frustrations about fit throwing in public places and people stare at you..I have left grocery baskets, clothes and sometimes I want to leave the small child that is throwing the fit! It does get better... I hope your tummy feels better.. I had my gallbladder out in 2002 and there are times that I wonder if they really did remove it. BTW, if you are wondering who I am, I am stephen's wife, Dian Noelke's daughter in law.

Heather said...

I thought when I left the comment it would have my name and my blog on it.. guess not.