Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sweet Saturday

I have decided to blog since I cannot bare to watch the rest of the Tech/OU game. I'm hoping for a miracle. Anywho, this first photo is my "help" in the kitchen. We made chocolate oatmeal drop cookies. The help was good but the cookies not so much. They were yummy still hot, but they crystallized when they cooled. Maybe I didn't boil them long enough. I'll have to ask my mother about this debacle.
Slade and Kyle at the Kindergarten field trip. Each child was able to choose a pumpkin. Whatever Slade is holding looks like a zucchini gone wild. He ended up picking a pretty swell looking pumpkin.

Yes, officially snaggled. Both new ones are trying to make an appearance-we brush those really well. After all, they are there for life!

The end of the Panther's fall soccer schedule. It was a blast, but I can't say I'm sad to see it go. We need a Saturday break. It was eight Saturday's in a row. I do love to watch my boy, though. BTW, Tech is bleeding at this point and it's not scarlet-it's that yucky OU color.

This is one very tired, non-napped girl. This is how I found her as I was cooking dinner. I did manage to get the pajama bottoms on her, but that was it. Falling asleep this early or shall I say this "late" is damaging to our bedtime schedule. Makes for a long, cranky night.

Evidently the sun was in Slade's and his friend's eyes. If you don't think teacher's earn every penny and should make three times as much, spend the day with these four. Mrs. Hendrix is a warrior. Very cute boys, though, don't ya think! Fast forward to 2019 when they are able to drive-very, very scary. I cannot think about it.

At last, I'm done! I finished it up just a little while ago. I think it turned out just as cute as a bug. I lost one of the red lights for a short time, but we found it in the diaper basket-I wonder who did that? We all have a stocking to hang that was made by yours truly and just in time for me to put up Christmas decorations. I'm thinking maybe no on that third child-I don't really want to make another stocking. Maybe it's kinda like child birth-you forget or no one would ever have a second child!!! Not really, it wasn't that bad and I was determined to finish. Too bad I'm not so diligent about losing weight or keeping my house clean??? Please keep Tech in your thoughts. It is a tad bit depressing here in the third quarter. I hate losing to out-of-staters!!!

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The Stanford Family said...

Love the stocking!!! I did one for Graham last year and it took me forever. How did you do her name? It looks really good.