Monday, November 10, 2008

A Stocking, Windows, and Corn!

Girls, I'm getting close to finishing the stocking. I worked two hours tonight during Jon & Kate Plus 8 and CSI Miami, plus a little of the nightly news. (yes, Finley went to bed at 7:45 which made my stocking session possible) What I have left to do are to make two more little light bulbs, beading on two holly leaves and three berries. I also have the red scarf to attach and do some time consuming details to it, as well. Then I will string the little light bulbs into the snowman hands. That will leave the back to sew onto it and I also have to sew the back onto mine. I know you don't know what Finley's looks like, but I can assure you it is really cute. I cannot wait to post it. I might have it done by the end of next week-maybe.

I think we are going to bite the bullet and put in new windows in Finley's room and our master bedroom. Not exactly what I want to spend my savings on, but necessary. I mean, our pillows have condensation on them on really cold nights, not to mention the DOGS. I can only pray that the new windows will be thicker than the tissue paper ones we have now-making it seem as though the neighbor's dog is right outside my window. Finley's room is so chilly and her little feet are ice cold some mornings-that is so pitiful. I think her room is the farthest away from the heat unit, too. I would spend a million dollars for her little tiny toes to stay warm. But I do miss the days that I could spend my extra money on a new purse or a cool decoration for the house. But that's how it goes when your a homeowner, and an adult-Haha!!! I have one more bid in the morning and I think we'll make a decision. Such fun.

My son is begging me to go on the Corn Maze field trip. Lord help me to convince Kyle to go. I have a vision of my other trips to the maze when I taught at Cooper. One in particular. It was cold, wet and I was 7 mo. pregnant. So do you see now why it is very important for Daddy to go on the trip. I think it's Daddy's turn to step up!!! I'll be working on that between now and Thursday. Wish me luck. BTW-For those of you not familiar with "the Maze", the photo is this year's design. Can you imaging 100 kindergarteners running through it!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Try 120 kindergarteners. Suck it up girlfriend. I did it, and you KNOW how much I love a field trip. Take Finley and Campbell with you It will be great!!!..... Not so much...Make Kyle go.
Love Ya