Monday, November 3, 2008

Oh Goodness!!!

I just realized as I was checking my favorite blog-Steeces Pieces (the one that has the quads), that she has this tracker that shows who reads her blog!!!! OMG-I hope she doesn't think I stalk her. Who am I kidding-I'm sure she thinks that! I didn't realize it showed everytime I look at it. It is a great blog if you haven't read it and very funny. To my credit, sometimes I try to go back and read the old blog entries and I get sidetracked with kids or what have you and then maybe go back later. Then maybe go back at 11pm at night and read some more. So evidently, it looks like I open it all the time. Geezzz. So if any of you have a tracker, #1 I'm not a stalker, I just go back often when I get disturbed and #2 please show me how to put one on my page!!!!

On another non-stalker note, what about our Red Raiders??? Cool, huh. So neat to be that far up in the ratings. Lots of fun with all the excitement here in Raiderland. I love it!!!! So, is the time change getting to anyone else? Finley is a grip gut and Kyle hates it to get dark so early. This morning Slade kept asking like 10 times if we were late bc it is so light in the morning. Kinda weird to get used to the darkness, but very wintery feeling. I wish it would stay cool-not 81 degrees!!! I am furiously trying to get the stocking done. I just realized that I have a little under four weeks till I decorate for Christmas! I should be sewing instead of typing! I have to get moving. That is not much time. Can you believe it is so close to the holidays. It never went this fast when I taught school! I think it is speeding by bc I don't want my kids to grow up. I just want them to stay here under my momma chicken wings where I can protect them from the world. Is it possible to make time freeze? Ok, better run. Gotta run and watch Jon and Kate Plus 8. It always makes me feel better after I watch it. Two kids and a niece are a breeze compared to that woman's brood! Tootaloo!!!


Anonymous said...

Am I such a loser if I order Campbell her stocking instead of making it myself??? I have ordered the stockings for Me, Shane, Mattie, and Brody and they look pretty cute. (Actually, I think you gave my Mattie's stocking that you had.) Anyway, I have been online tonight looking at really cute handmade stockings on ebay and etsy. What do you think???


The Stanford Family said...

I love the post earlier about the how much I love you, the slap, and then a spanking!!! That is great! I love reading your blog because I can just put your voice along with it!!!

Anonymous said...

Honey they grow up anyway. Sorry. I used to tell Sarah I would put a brick on her head so she couldn't grow up.
By the way I know you are a stalker, but everyone loves you so we don't care. Have a good day and pray for our country. Heaven help us. I'm off to get my gheri curl. Love ya!!!