Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Little Sad Today

Today has been ten years since Kyle's mom passed away. I just can't believe that it has been that long, but in another way, it seems like decades ago. That day is etched into my brain-it was so awful and sad. The week that followed was such a blurr. We were just kids then, so young. Too much for anyone to have to experience when they were 21 years old. Most college kids were worrying about the football season, parties, and what time to go out. Kyle was burying his mother and wondering what happened to his family. I am so glad I got to know his mom-I just wish she was able to see Slade and Finley. We could be arguing over what holidays we would share with my family and Kyle's family and who got the grand kids. I wish she was here to annoy me and tell me how to do things-all those things good mother-in-laws do. But mostly I just wish Kyle still had a mom. He was cheated and so were our kids. For those of you that don't know, my husband lost both of his parents four months apart. He has overcome alot of sadness and had to make a life for himself without the two most influential people in a child's life. It has left him a bit callused but I think that's how he copes. I just know that he turned out to be a really great daddy and his mom would be proud. She would be excited for Slade this year, too, because she was a Kindergarten teacher. She would think Finley was so cute with her little sprigs of blonde hair sticking up in piggie tails. I remember her coming to my apartment and thinking that it was so funny that we decorated so much for Halloween. It must have been an omen that I would marry her son-the little spook born on Halloween night!!! She was just an all-in-all nice lady. We miss her everyday.

Make sure you tell all the people important to you that you love them.


Jerilynn said...

What a nice tribute - I am pretty sure she is proud of her daughter in law too!

Anonymous said...

I know you really do not know me, but Kyle and I grew up together before I moved to GA. His mom was my teacher for so many years and helped me out so much. His family meant the world to mine.

I also know that she would be so proud of you and Kyle.

Funky Finds said...

wow...ten years? that was a terrible, terrible time. jess