Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Sunday

I feel very accomplished today after a night of scrapbooking-we'll some scrapbooking and lots of visiting. I got together with my friend, Tandy, and we tore up some pages. I had a really hard time getting started since it's been sooo long since I've looked at my pages and my pics were very unorganized. I just had to print and start somewhere. I really am going to have to downsize on my albums. I currently do three albums-mine, Slade, and Finley. Yes, it's way alot to keep up with and frankly, I just can't do it anymore. Can you imagine if I ever had another child-that would be four! I just cannot do it and keep up with all the photos, etc. I have decided to slow way down on Slade's and try to just include the most important things, and slow way down on how many photos go in his album. I had to get a grip and realize that I didn't have to scrap every photo I have ever taken. I had to realize that I could put Halloween on a two page spread instead of eight pages. Simplify-that's my new motto. Finley will get the same amount of attention Slade has received all these five years, but I will be careful when picking photos. And my album will be free range-whatever I feel needs to be in there, but careful on the photo choices, as well. I feel better about it. I'm sure you'll sleep better knowing all this about my scrapbooking! Man, I can gab about nothing.

Ok, time for a funny Finley and Slade story. I've told some of you about Finley and her counting. But for those of you that haven't heard the story, you'll get a kick out of this. The past few weeks I've been hearing her say words that I don't know-like not English words, sort of gibberish sounding. But I do hear Cita in her rambling which is what they call my mom. So I just couldn't quite place what she was saying. So I'm driving in the car and she is watching her Barney movie that has been showing in the car for like four months now. I started hearing the movie say these words that she's been saying. I stop and rewind the video. Low and behold, the kid in the movie is counting to ten in Swahili-you know, the African language. My daughter can count to ten in Swahili. I mean seriously, like moja, neely, tatow, etc. The "word" cita is number five (not sure of the spelling). She knows that they are numbers because I caught her lining up her blocks and counting them in Swahili. Just goes to show you that they are little sponges and learning a foreign language is best taught when they are small. The experts are right!!!!!

Slade's story. So we are doing homework tonight. He has to read from a list of words and I check them off if when he pronounces them right. I go one step further to ask him what the word means and to use it in a sentence. The word was "it". I said, "use it in a sentence." So Slade says, "I'll be there in a minute." Get it, "min-it" (minute), just like it sounds. I said not quite son, but it was cute!!!! Kids say the darndest things!!!

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Kyle and Hollie said...

I taught him that word...How funny!He is such a punkin'!!!