Sunday, November 11, 2012

Say No to Window Clings

Learn from my mistakes........
When I was in Target before Halloween, I found some cute gel window clings in the dollar bin. I bought some for my kids and Campbell thinking it would be fun for them to stick on the glass doors and windows. Well, it was lots of fun. Gunnar stuck his to the back door which is what he's doing in the photo. Finley put hers all over her windows. They loved playing with them.

 They played with them and moved them all around their room. Well one morning I went to put laundry on Finley's dresser and THIS is what I found on top of her WHITE dresser when I picked up the pumpkin gel cling. I was horrified! We had three jack-o-lantern stains on her dresser. I tried to scrub and there was no removing the stains. They were there to stay.

I did find that luck was on our side for once! We had bought the "protection plan" two years ago when we bought this furniture. I guess I was wise enough to see that white might be a problem in a kids room. I took these pics and sent them into the claims department. They sent a company out on Friday and the man sanded the stains off and repainted the spots. He was finished in about 30 minutes and it was good as new! The moral of this story.......1. I don't recommend buying gel clings out of the Target bin and 2. If you decide to buy white furniture, a protection plan would be in your best interest!

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